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EXCLUSIVE: Anti-Flag, P.O.S. Team as Wharf Rats


When bands tour the country each year in the punk rock bacchanal that is Warped Tour, many party hard and BBQ even harder. But sometimes, true collaboration emerges on the road, like Wharf Rats, the new musical partnership between Chris #2 of Anti-Flag and Minneapolis rapper P.O.S., which was conceived on Warped Tour and recorded in the festival’s traveling recording studio.

“All of us had expressed interest in working together in some way or another,” P.O.S. tells SPIN of the project, which also features members of Alexisonfire and the AKAs. “Warped Tour has lots of down time and the John Lennon Bus, this super, way-too-nice mobile recording studio. It was really fun — we all like making things.”

Two songs emerged from those sessions — “Oh No!” and “Capital Gains,” the latter of which you can hear here. Both will be pressed on a limited edition 7-inch single set for physical release on May 31 via No Sleep Records.

LISTEN: Wharf Rats, “Capital Gains”

It’s blistering, succinct punk rock of the purest type, hearkening back to the ’80s sounds of Minor Threat, an obvious influence for all parties involved.

The future for Wharf Rats beyond this release remains unclear. “Maybe we’ll make another [7-inch], or a full length, maybe play a show, or fifty, or maybe not,” says P.O.S. “Between the four of us, there have to be at least eight active bands. Hopefully, we can find the time.”