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SPIN’s Week in Review, May 26-30


Granted, it was a short week, and one that reminded us of summer’s impending arrival — mmm, barbecue — but we did learn many things this week, with lessons coming from Weezer’s Brian Bell, the commenters over at Deadspin, New Jersey punk rockers the Gaslight Anthem, pop duo She & Him, and… another pop duo, the Submarines. Here’s a rundown.

What we learned from Weezer guitarist Brian Bell: Look both ways when crossing a public promenade while riding a senior scooter. Watch around the 45-second mark of our cover shoot video as Bell, while executing a nifty maneuver, nearly takes out a passing Venice Beach bicyclist. The June issue featuring Weezer is on newsstands now. Click here to subscribe to Spin.

What we learned from Deadspin readers: Sports fans knew “Y.M.C.A.” was gay, even if ballplayers didn’t. Our pals at linked to our “Y.M.C.A.” feature, also from the June issue, which chronicles the genesis of the Village People’s classic anthem and its subsequent evolution into a ballpark staple. Our favorite comment: “Why would you play a gay anthem at a place where a bunch of men play with balls, pat each other on the ass, then walk around a room naked together?” Read the “Y.M.C.A.” story right here on, and check out the chatter at Deadspin.

More highlights from this week…

MP3: The Gaslight Anthem, “Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts.” “A sub-25 MPH cruise down the Jersey shore where life’s next major turn remains undetermined. Simply gorgeous.”
Video: The Submarines, Live in L.A. “L.A. couple’s garage pop mishmash sounds like Nina from the Cardigans singing karaoke atop your favorite ’80s and ’90s vinyl.”
Backstage Video from Sasquatch! Music Festival ’08 ” Check out video interviews with the likes of Built to Spill and Mates of State, a backstage tour with the Little Ones, and clips from dancing onstage with the Flaming Lips.”

She & Him Tour U.S. in July, August “The duo is embarking on its maiden “tour” after playing a few loosely-connected gigs in major markets and at SXSW.”
Exclusive: New Starsailor Album Nearly Finished “We try to make every album a reaction to the last one, and the last album was probably our heaviest album to date,” says Starsailor’s James Walsh. “In some respects we want to do the total opposite… and let the songs speak for themselves.”
Liz Phair to Perform ‘Guyville’ in S.F., Chicago “Liz Phair has now unveiled gigs in San Francisco and Chicago, slated for June 23 and 24, respectively.”
New Sigur Ros Album Out June 24, Debut Single Available for Free Download Today “The band will be giving away free downloads of the album’s first track, “Gobbledigook,” starting at 2:30 P.M. EST today (May 27) via”

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