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Catch the Buzz: A.M.


Who: This power trio comprising bassist Bradley, drummer Karin, and guitarist Fonzie (all three provide vocals) sling just-over-one-minute fuzz atop American-bred Oi! as if Stephen Malkmus was forever caught in a punk conniption fit. Chords come in threes — tops — behind rocker-chic drumming a la Janet Weiss, reducing inhibitions to adolescent freak-outs with that brand new Fender Strat and hum-rattle amp. Doesn’t matter if you understand what they’re saying, so long as you’re there to scream along.

Their latest: A.M./No Paws (No Lions) split 7″ out now via Silencio Recordings

Recommended if you like… Pavement, Richard Hell, the Replacements

Now hear this: “Message To Her” DOWNLOAD MP3

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