Who? Childhood friends James (bass), Luke (guitar),Graham (drums), and Corey (vocals) concocted Stab the Matador in 2005while still in high school in Westchester, NY. The Doctor EP,their pinch-hitting follow up to their 2005 self-titled debut, iscurrently available now via iTunes. When not making music, members ofSTM are currently pursuing degrees at various colleges throughout theMid-Atlantic.

What’s the Deal? Enthusiastic staccato guitar riffs coupled with dynamic percussive zeal drives Stab the Matador’s high energy dance rock. Doctor‘smini set features swaggering vocal stylings and infectious hooks moreakin to new millennium dance revivalists the Rapture and the Killers,but select post-punk influences (Joy Division, the Feelies, Gang ofFour) slightly echo throughout. From the sexy synth beats of “Africa”to the throbbing bass lines of “Red Light,” STM build an increasinglyinviting cadence with Luke’s punchy guitar licks and Corey’s strong,passionate vocals — check out “Doctor” for more of STM’s dance-tasticprescription. Though few and far between, the band’s explosive liveshow is also not to be missed.

Fun Fact: “Low Rider,” from their 2005 self-titled EP, is featured on the soundtrack for Sony’s MLB ’06.

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