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Stab the Matador

Who? Childhood friends James (bass), Luke (guitar),Graham (drums), and Corey (vocals) concocted Stab the Matador in 2005while still in high school in Westchester, NY. The…
Eric Nowels / January 18, 2008

Like Vultures

Who? Brooklyn-based foursome Like Vultures was born outof keys player Karl Demarest and vocalist Jay Foos' long distancemusical collaboration. Exchanging tracks via both email and…
Eric Nowels / November 20, 2007

White Williams

Who? Behind the White Williams moniker lies the seemingly quiet and unassuming veteran of the Cleveland DIY scene, Joe Williams. The synth savvy vocalist crafted…
Eric Nowels / September 21, 2007

Radical Face

Who? Ben Cooper wields an array of second hand and salvaged stringed instruments, which brings Radical Face to fruition. Though primarily a solo project, Alex…
Eric Nowels / August 17, 2007

Arcade Fire Fans Turn Out to Worship ‘Bible’

Arcade Fire kicked off their sold out five-show series Tuesday night at the Judson Memorial Church in full form. The Canadian indie collective delivered various…
Eric Nowels / February 14, 2007

Amy Winehouse Makes Stateside Debut

Though she sings about Roger Moore in "You Know I'm No Good," in her first ever Stateside show, Amy Winehouse took the stage dressed like…
Eric Nowels / January 17, 2007

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