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  • Smith Westerns Gap Ad Wardell Andra Day

    Smith Westerns Star in Gap Ad

    When SPIN interviewed Smith Westerns last year, the garage-glam dudes admitted that they'd ride for Long John Silvers. Now the Chicago trio is repping another iconic name in strip mall history: Gap. Seen above, Max Kakacek, Cameron Omori, and Cullen Omori sport the clothing giant's duds in blue-hued ad that's apparently making the rounds IRL as well. "So I guess my face is all over the trains/buses," Cullen tweeted. "Take a selfie with it so I don't have to leave my house!" Other potential homebodies include San Diego singer Andra Day and sibling folk duo Wardell. See 'em all below, via Stereogum. So I guess my face is all over the trains/buses, take a selfie with it so I don't have to leave my house!— Cullen Omori (@SmithWesterns) May 7, 2014This summer, our ads celebrate the season through music. Meet the cast.

  • 2 Chainz 'Trap Back' Video Freebase EP

    2 Chainz Rides a Bike Through Compton in 'Trap Back' Video

    The inimitable 2 Chainz released his Freebase EP on Monday, and now there's a video celebrating the keyed-up seven-track release. Seen above, the Alex Nazari-directed clip mostly finds the oddball Atlanta MC cruising through the titular trap (Compton, to be specific) on a lowrider bicycle. He casually drops rap knowledge ("This flow come from Drizzy / He got it from Migos, they got it from Three 6") and unique brags ("I am now balling so hard / I should be on my own box of Wheaties"), and also there's a snippet of Will Ferrell's Step Brothers film which only kind of makes sense. Download Freebase over at LiveMixtapes, and stream it below. The freshly freed Lil Boosie appears on "Wuda Cuda Shuda," and Rick Ross trades bars with A$AP Rocky on "Crib in My Closet."

  • Flying Lotus 'Phatasm' Video Laura Darlington

    New Flying Lotus Video Is a Sci-Fi Mini Masterpiece

    It's been a minute since we've heard from Los Angeles' shining beat-music beacon, Flying Lotus, but the wait was worth it. Above you can watch the video for "Phatasm," an eerily gorgeous Until the Quiet Comes cut that finds the Long Lost's Laura Darlington on guest vocals. Lush keys and synths meet warm bass-lines, stirring strings, and rattling percussion as the clip opens on a strange desert scene. Filmed in New Zealand by Markus Hofko (the Bow), the beautiful short follows two odd characters as they traverse a dusty panorama. One looks not unlike that mop-dog from the cover of Beck's Odelay (crossed with something more Star Wars-ian) and the other holds a human form, but hides something else beneath his mummy's rags. Enjoy above, and pick up Until the Quiet Comes via Warp if you haven't. Flying Lotus also recently let loose a slew of lost songs called Ideas+drafts+loops.

  • Drunk Girlfriends Cat Babysit Chrome Sparks Video Marijuana

    Cat Gets Hammered Listening to Chillwave

    An industrious dude was asked to babysit his girlfriend's cat, and made the above video in the process. Shared to Reddit, via Gawker, the clip presents a day in the life of a very alcoholic orange tabby, set to the soothing/trippy sounds of Chrome Sparks' "Marijuana." Our feline lush rolls out of bed and heads straight for the martini glass then travels to an increasingly dark place via all manner of boozy additions. The production — a mix of Washed Out-style chillwave and Flying Lotus-owing electronica — is truly the perfect fit to this visual. (Also, in a strange stroke of coincidence, Kitty just announced her new Impatiens EP, which will feature her rapping over the very same song.) Perhaps the YouTube user identified only as Tous (Leicor on Reddit) can provide the official video when the time comes.

  • Pussy Riot Twitter Magnitsky List Cecily McMillan

    Pussy Riot Join Twitter, Shout Out Senators at 'Capital Hell'

    Pussy Riot are now on Twitter, in English. The Russian punk protest posse's de facto representatives, Nadya Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina, have long had their own Russian-language social media accounts, but as their clout as voices in international politics continues to grow, at a time where their home country can't seem to stay out of the news, the move should give them access to an even broader audience than that garnered by their recent public appearances.Last month, of course, Nadya and Masha visited the Today show, and before that they threw their support to Wisconsin, "visited" the Sochi Olympics, participated in a star-studded tribute show featuring Madonna, and held their own against Stephen Colbert.

  • Kitty Pryde Emobounce Stream Impatiens EP

    Hear Kitty Pryde's Dream-Trap Track 'Emobounce'

    Kitty (née Pryde) has completed a transformation of sorts. As the press release announcing her forthcoming Impatiens EP words it, she's now a "former-bedroom rapper and ex-Claire's Boutique glitter-peddler," and her newest song indeed suggests evolution. The woman born Kathryn-Leigh Beckwith still has her heart on her sleeve and her indie-rap tastes intact, but her voice is clearer and the dreamy production is stronger on "☆:*・°☆:* emob0unce °☆.*・°☆," which you can hear below. If emoji titles exhaust you, don't scroll past the player below for the five-song EP's track list, but if you're delighted by such flourishes, Kitty's based magic is just the thing to lift ya over Hump Day's round middle.

  • Tori Amos '16 Shades of Blue' Stream Unrepentant Geraldines

    Hear Tori Amos' Electronically Art-Popped '16 Shades of Blue'

    In March, Tori Amos made a pretty perfect return with "Trouble's Lament," the opening salvo from her forthcoming album, Unrepentant Geraldines. And last month in New York, she took over Brooklyn's Rough Trade NYC to unveil more of her 14th long-player, which will be her first non-classical release since 2009's Abnormally Attracted to Sin. Now we can all hear "16 Shades of Blue," an electronically assisted brooder that finds our heroine asking, "Could your heart be slowly ripping into pieces, disconnecting from the circuits of your mind?" Plodding piano and flourishes of strings accompany her coos. Listen to it all here, and revisit our 15 Quick Questions With Tori Amos for kicks.

  • Bassnectar 'Now' Rye Rye Stream Download

    Hear Bassnectar's Rye Rye-Powered Rave-Blaster 'Now'

    When SPIN spoke to Lorin Ashton a couple of years ago, the producer best known as Bassnectar cited among his biggest influences: earthquakes, dreams, and California's mid-'90s rave scene. Is it strange to say we can hear all of that, and more, in "Now"? Below, you can sample the first taste of the Bay Area electronic artist's June 24 album, tentatively titled #NVSB. Baltimore MC Rye Rye guests, contributing intensely rhythmic verses and a lilting, sing-song hook. Meanwhile, the track offers a furious array of laser-strong synth blasts, booming bass rumbles, and barrages of trap-friendly 808 percussion.

  • Spotify Skip Song Statistics Users Skipping Music Graph

    A Quarter of Spotify Songs Are Skipped in First Five Seconds

    Nearly half of all songs played via Spotify are skipped before they finish, according to data provided by the company's internal analytics system. Paul Lamere of The Echo Nest — the company behind those fascinating music maps — compiled the information and prepared his own report on the phenomenon for his personal Music Machinery blog. Spotify acquired The Echo Nest in March for an undisclosed amount, and Lamere, Director of Developer Platform, came with."This is my first deep dive into Spotify data," he writes, later summing up his study thusly: "When we are more engaged with our music, we skip more, and when music is in the background such as when we are working or relaxing, we skip less. When we have more free time, such as when we are young, or on the weekends, or home after a day of work, we skip more ...

  • Alt-Rock 90s Vocal Hooks Supercut Video Nirvana Whoa Yeah

    The '90s Alternative Rock Vocal Hook Supercut Is Here

    The '90s was famously a time for angsty, throaty vocals often laconically growled out ironically candied to sound something like pop. It was also a period with a whole lot of "doot-doot-doos, whoa-ohs, na-na-nas, and ooh-oohs" as CBC Music words it in the description for the clip above. The Canadian broadcaster's "'90s Alt-Rock Vocal Hook Supercut" compiles the repetitive, often wordless choral yelpings of nearly 40 of the biggest acts of the era (along with snippets of their respective music videos), and it's amazing. You'll find our 10 personal favorites below.

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