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  • Microsoft Mood Headphones Earbuds Music Septimu

    Moodbuds: Microsoft Designing Headphones That Read Your Vibes

    Microsoft is working on headphones that automatically play music to match their wearer's mood. Tentatively dubbed Septimu, the earbuds would use a thermometer, internal measurement units, and audio detection in order to determine — respectively — your temperature, activity level, and heart rate. All this according to a research page on the Microsoft website.The project falls under the umbrella of LifeX, a branch of the company that aims to provide mobile phone-integrated solutions for people "conscious of their everyday health and wellness conditions." They posit that using earbuds thusly designed opens the way for apps that take note of posture, or that keep a health diary on your behalf, or that coach you through exercise routines.

  • Dolly Parton Rapping Miley Cyrus Queen Latifa Show Video

    Bad, Dolly Parton! You Are Not a Rapper, No!

    There are either no words or far too many words for what you are about to see above and below. Country legend Dolly Parton hit The Queen Latifah Show to perform a "rap song" in which she big-ups her bosom, shouts-out Oprah's "afro" (?), and trolls her goddaughter Miley Cyrus by attempting to twerk ... using that aforementioned bosom. For posterity's sake, you can file "Whoo! Look at them go!" as Shit "Black" Parton Says.To be fair, the 67-year-old looks pretty stunning in her 2 Chainz-themed outfit with her hair teased into a fluff-splosion, and she does that adorable titter-laugh thing so well, but hearing the sounds "yo" and "da" forced out of those lips is a little bit (okay, a lot bit) cringe-y.

  • Ticketmaster Suing Scalpers Higs Tickets Resell Lawsuit

    Ticketmaster Is Taking Scalpers to Court

    Ticketmaster is striking back at scalpers. The entertainment events giant filed a lawsuit against John and Patrick Higgins of Higs Tickets on Wednesday, October 16, in a California district court, alleging that those two launched a "conspiracy to circumvent" legal ticket-obtaining means in order to turn a profit.The request for a jury trial bases its stance on a handful of specific issues.

  • isoHunt Settlement MPAA Copyright Infringement BitTorrent Shut Down

    Hollywood Kills One of Oldest Living File-Sharing Sites

    One of the longest-running BitTorrent sites is shutting down following an extended courtroom battle with the Motion Picture Association of America. Founder Gary Fung announced the shuttering on October 17, coinciding with news that he'd reached a settlement with the MPAA to the tune of $110 million."I've done the best I could pushing the social benefits of BitTorrent and file sharing, the searching and sharing of culture itself," Fung wrote, "but it's time for me to move on to new software ideas and projects ... For those concerned users of isoHunt ... I have not compromised any of your privacy."The movie studios' objection to isoHunt, of course, was that the sites visitors were using the search engine specifically to seek out pirated movies and television shows — an issue which they take quite seriously.

  • Morrissey Autobiography Peter Serafinowicz Sings Pages Book

    Here's Morrissey's Autobiography Sung in the Style of Morrissey

    Morrissey's autobiography, titled Autobiography, has hit shelves in the Smiths man's native U.K. and it's an instant classic — in part because he finagled a deal with the publisher to give it the Penguin Classics designation. But also because it's Moz and the man's writing whether in poetry or prose is as floral as it is dour, and dreadfully dramatic as a rule. One British actor has seized upon the man's stylistic consistency and wonderfully turned the book into song.Seen above, Peter Serafinowicz (he was Darth Maul's voice, y'all) takes Morrissey's first page and sings it to the tune of the Smiths' "William, It Was Really Nothing." Below, he sets page two (of 480) to "How Soon Is Now", and writes beneath the clip, "That joke isn't funny anymore." Oh, but it's too easy.

  • Pussy Riot Prison Release Hunger Strike Health Protest

    Pussy Riot Member Rejects Early Release Option to Stand By Friend

    The imprisoned women of Pussy Riot continue to fight the good fight at great personal sacrifice. Member Maria Alyokhina has announced that she is withdrawing her application for early release since her friend and compatriot Nadezhda Tolokonnikova is not being granted the same opportunity.

  • Ylvis Stargate What Does The Fox Say Interview EDM Parody

    Ylvis Super-Producer Admits 'The Fox' Is Unintentional EDM Parody

    In the SPIN feature "120,000,000 Ylvis Fans Can't Be Wrong," David Marchese unlocks the secrets of Ylvis' "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say)," a song which, in its own way, set out to unlock one of nature's biggest secrets. His investigation, of course, led him to the viral sensation's production team Stargate, a Norwegian duo living in New York City who've created hits for the likes of Rihanna and Beyoncé.In speaking to Tor Erik Hermansen, Marchese uncovered a few more epiphanies about the infectious track. Like the fact that Hermansen and his partner Mikkel Storleer Eriksen gave the backing track to Ylvis for free after the comedy team made a mockumentary for them on the occasion of Eriksen's birthday.

  • Lil Bub Breeders Kelley Deal Big Show Video Episode Shirtcrush

    Watch Lil Bub Man the Boards for the Breeders' Kelley Deal

    We understand that when you see the words "Lil Bub" and "Breeders" in the same sentence, your mind goes wild with the possibilities of owning your own tiny version of the (already tiny) celebrity cat, but you're just gonna have to settle for second best — which is actually quite freaking awesome. Above you'll find episode four of Lil BUB's Big SHOW, which features none other than Kelley Deal, solo shredder and lead guitarist for SPIN cover stars the Breeders.Two weeks ago we were pleasantly surprised to find legendary producer Steve Albini in the interview seat. This time, the special guest gets to visit the studio with Bub on the boards. After Deal calls in, she asks the famous feline to produce her new single, and Bub abides. Using "science and magic," she beams the Breeder into the booth, and provides a band.

  • Black Moon Enta Da Stage Documentary Video Anniversary Show

    Black Moon Are Takin' Ya Back in 'Enta Da Stage' Documentary

    It's no secret that 1993 was an incredible year for hip-hop. Even NPR knows that. But one of the albums central to that year's gilded status is the boom-bap classic Enta Da Stage by Black Moon. The members of the group — MCs Buckshot and 5ft, and DJ Evil Dee — are savvy to that fact as well, and they've been celebrating their debut long-player's 20th anniversary of late. On Wednesday night (October 16), the trio played the Music Hall of Williamsburg in conjunction with the CMJ Music Marathon, and on Enta's original release date (October 19) they'll throw a streaming concert and Q&A via The latter treat will cost $5 per view, but above you'll find a free documentary short from Black Moon's old label Duck Down.

  • Death Grips Robert Pattinson Colin Hanks Misoneism Movie Art

    Death Grips Aren't #TeamEdward, Deny Working With Robert Pattinson

    UPDATE: Death Grips have denied sending the letter below. According to Pitchfork, "There is no short film directed by Zach Hill and starring Robert Pattinson. They don't know who sent the letter." Of course, they also note, "But, this being Death Grips... who knows what's going on." Part of what makes the letter believable is the fact that Robert Pattinson has been seen hanging out with the band in the past. Of course, that'd make it equally fake-able as well. And Death Grips are known for subverting expectations — especially the very expectations that they themselves create (tours, label contracts, festival appearances). In any case, it's still not hard to see why they were SPIN's Artist of the Year in 2012.

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