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  • Simone White's 'Never Be That Tough' Video

    Simone White Depicts Doomed Bear-Human Romance in 'Never Be That Tough' Clip

    The heartbreaking animated video for Simone White's "Never Be That Tough" is a classic tale, really: bear falls in love with woman, bear pretends he's a man, woman teaches man-bear his true nature, bear-bear eats woman.

  • Cold Cave Start Over With Members of Blood Brothers, AFI, Samhain

    Cold Cave Start Over With Members of Blood Brothers, AFI, Samhain

    In a supergroup-relevant superannouncement, the darkwave ducks of Cold Cave have shared that they'll not only be touring with Divine Fits (members of Wolf Parade, Spoon and New Bomb Turks), but that they're starting anew with a star-studded lineup. Via handwritten note, CC main brain and freshly minted Los Angeleno Wes Eisold unveiled his new band: guitarist Cody Votolato (Blood Brothers), drummer London May (Danzig's Samhain!), bassist Hunter Burgan (AFI) and noisenik David Scott Stone (LCD Soundsystem, the Melvins, No Age). After a pair of West Coast warm-up dates in October, the five-piece will hit the road with the Fits. Upon returning in early November, they'll enter the studio as a group to begin recording Cold Cave's third LP.

  • Guns N' Roses Auction Off Old Clothes Dryer

    Guns N' Roses Auction Off Old Clothes Dryer

    Life is sweaty for a road-doggin', arena-crushing, bandana-sporting group of hard rockers like Guns N' Roses. At least, it was. The band is currently auctioning off a bunch of old, random gear via eBay and included in the bounty is — wait for it — a clothes dryer.. As the AV Club helpfully tells us, it's a W-10 Kenmore Ultra Fabric Care Electric to be exact, and it comes in a GN'R-stenciled road case that's got a hole punched out where the venting duct would go. So yes, that means you can use the machine without removing it from its fancy rock'n'roll house.. And think how fancy and rock'n'roll your house can be with this compact and functional (well, no promises there — buyer beware) addition!

  • Rihanna / Photo by Getty Images

    Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Get Steamy on 'Cockiness' Remix

    MTV has announced that Rihanna will be opening the Video Music Awards with a pair live collabos — "We Found Love" with Calvin Harris and the brand new "Cockiness (Love It)" remix featuring a verse from A$AP Rocky. Her deliciously disgusting team-up with Harlem's resident Pretty Motherfucker was released in streaming form only moments before, and is embedded below. Rocky dives right into the track, spitting fast over the minimal exotic beat before RiRi's steamy chorus. She outdoes him on innuendo 10-1, and the song's otherwise unchanged, but the interplay is a worthy quick-and-dirty thrill nonetheless. The pair apparently first connected at Coachella earlier this year and, according to, um, Ryan Seacrest, "got cozy ... sipping on rum and champagne and flirting a little bit." Consider this the next aggressive action in a very hot cold war.

  • PSY

    'Gangnam Style' PSY Signs With Bieber's Dream Team

    A belated welcome back from the holiday. If you celebrated Labor Day by doing things with people, there's a very good chance that you wound up listening to, watching the video for, or otherwise discussing that oddly dressed K-Pop star with the horse dance everybody's gotta have, PSY. What? Who? If you don't know the name, we'd bet "Gangnam Style" will ring a bell. The video for the song has been viewed over 100 million times via YouTube, with 80 million of those clicks happening over a mere 45 days. It is, most likely, the most widely known Korean-made song to ever exist. Which is why it should come as no surprise that Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun wants a piece. In a clip uploaded to PSY's YouTube channel on Monday, the pair announced their plans and clinked plastic cups of the Korean rice booze soju. "So me and PSY here," says Braun.

  • Krist Novoselic with the Vaselines

    Nirvana's Krist Novoselic Joins the Vaselines for 'Sunbeam'

    Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic surprised Seattle's Bumbershoot festival on Monday by joining twee-pop Scots the Vaselines onstage for their song "Jesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam." The reclusive local appeared clad in all black and wailed on an accordion (!) before bidding his fans adieu with a small wave. While his choice of instrument was unprecedented, the collaboration certainly has its roots: Nirvana covered the same song in 1994 for their hallowed MTV Unplugged performance. Novoselic interviewed the Vaselines' Eugene Kelly for Seattle Weekly last week where, in the midst of a casual chat about nostalgia, Novoselic brought up his newfound obsession with the squeezebox: "I've actually been playing a lot of accordion. I'm obsessed with it. It's really crazy. I don't know what the hell happened to me.

  • Katy Perry's Lil Bro Hudson Would Like to Be a Pop Star Too

    Katy Perry's Lil Bro Hudson Would Like to Be a Pop Star Too

    About a year ago, Katy Perry's younger brother David Hudson, 24, decided to get into music. She was as surprised as the rest of us, it seems, but the little fella with the big gruff voice has stuck with it. He released his Dirty Face EP to iTunes on August 2, and now he's got himself a video for the song, "To You." The song itself is an adult contemporary-flavored pop track with epic emo overtones. Not bad — just very vanilla, especially compared to the candy-coated smorgasbord that is his sister's oeuvre.

  • Matt & Kim

    Matt & Kim Drop YOLO-Friendly New Single 'Now'

    Cheer addicts Matt and Kim have just dropped the second single from their fourth LP Lightning, due out October 2. The new song "Now," streaming via the lyric video below, is a breakneck romp through punky, propulsive electronica — a rah-rah raise-up fall-down rock-out anthem whose message is in league with Drake's YOLO motto: "I know that things aren't perfect / But let's make tonight perfect." The clip itself is potentially seizure inducing, but nicely highlights Matt's sweet-n-sour metaphors about worn out drum sets, hole-y socks and dulled knives. As always, there's a barely perceptible darkness lurking behind all that unrestrained glee, and Kim's kit-crushing drumming keeps aggression levels nice and high, even through the halftime slightly EDM-ish drops peppered throughout. Matt talked to SPIN about Lightning in July.

  • Dan Deacon / Photo by Getty Images

    How Dan Deacon Hijacks Your Phone for the Ultimate Party

    Baltimore art-pop provocateur Dan Deacon is famous for getting his fans in on the show. He's decidedly anti-stage, preferring not only to orchestrate his maximalist electro-classical punk opuses from within the audience, but to lead said audience in all kinds of group activities ranging from synchronized gestures to feel-good gauntlets. He's kinda like a down-and-dirty Flaming Lips in that regard, but while those wacky Okies focus their technological efforts on figuring out how to get music inside of a human skull, Deacon has something else in mind. His new app for iPhone and Android has the potential to turn any mobile phone in his vicinity into a light and sound instrument. By sending out a coded audio signal, Deacon can convert app-equipped devices within the crowd, hijacking screens, speakers and LED bulbs so that they become synchronized with the music he's playing.

  • Idol No More / Photo by Getty Images

    All Dawgs Go to Heaven: Randy Jackson Exits 'American Idol'

    The internetz are a'blazes with American Idol chatter, and until anything's confirmed, it's mostly idle chatter. That said, all signs point to last-standing o.g. judge Randy Jackson stepping away from the table. Word is he's aiming to stay involved, most likely in a mentorship role similar to that handled by Interscope CEO Jimmy Iovine. Judge Jennifer Lopez and the honorable Steven Tyler peaced out in hilarious Steven Tyler fashion in July. That'd leave three seats, if one wasn't already confirmed to be going to Mariah Carey (now the highest paid judge in reality television with a reported $18 million contract). Also, a fourth seat has been re-added so, yes, that in fact does leave three seats.

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