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  • Flying Lotus and Frank Ocean / Photos via Getty Images

    Flying Lotus Drops Chipmunk Soul Remix of Frank Ocean's 'Thinking About You'

    Los Angeles electronic auteur Flying Lotus caused some confusion when he leaked an unfinished remix of Frank Ocean's "Thinking About You" on Twitter last night. Called "Binge Eating Without You," the track seems to be little more than the original pitched-up and percuss'ed. It's PBR&B meets Chipmunk Soul, with some additional blips and jungle drums in the mix. The song has scooped up nearly 60,000 plays

  • Wild Cub's 'Drive' Video

    Wild Cub Embark On Moonlit Adventure In 'Drive' Video

    Listen to "Drive" by Nashvillian duo Wild Cub and you're instantly transported to the front seat of an old ride, cruising the empty streets of a big city after dark. The feeling comes not only from the sound of the song — the sleepy ease of that sprawling guitar, the steady pace of the beaten tambourine — but from the very first words: "We turn the radio on, we roll the windows down." The Fort Ripper-directed clip below doesn’t stray far from the obvious theme, but that's just the way it should be. A couple sets off on an all-night adventure that results in fireworks both literal and figurative, and when they wind up on the beach after the sun's come up, they carry the magic of their late night together with them into the day. It's a sweet piece — romantic, simple, comfy.

  • Woods

    Stream Woods' Crisp 'Bend Beyond' LP

    Next week, Brooklyn folk-rock psychonauts Woods will drop their sixth album in as many years, further evidence that despite the intense frequency of their releases — or perhaps because of it — the Jeremy Earl-led trio continues to evolve considerably between outings. While 2011's Sun and Shade was lo-fi and idiosyncratic, this latest set feels fleshed out, pared down, then built back up. The production is crisp. Earl's voice is never buried. The instruments are given space to breathe. The result is a more deeply emotive Woods. The album's titular opener allows you to feel the shape of the room, and "Lily" is lovely with its high harmonies and tape-damaged texture. Lyrically, dark themes abound (crushing weakness, how "fucking hard" it is to see sometimes, the transience of all things), but all of that doom and gloom is couched in the sort of beauty Woods have made their own.

  • One Direction / Photo by Getty Images

    VMAs Ratings Fall By Half: Did Obama Kill MTV's Big Night?

    Good thing the VMAs aren't running for office. The numbers are in and the 28th annual installment of the ceremony logged a piddling 6.1 million viewers — that's less than half of last year's record-setting 12.4 million haul. As the Washington Post points out, it's also less than half of audience President Obama racked up for his Democratic National Convention acceptance speech via NBC alone. The VMAs had been moved to stay out of the way of the address, but that could have caused a problem as well. While they typically begin at 9 p.m. and take place on a Sunday, the proceedings were pushed back an hour and kept to a tight 120 minutes. And while the show was broadcast live on the East Coast, it was tape-delayed by three hours in the West, giving people a chance to hear just how boring it all was.

  • Lil Wayne / Photo by Getty Images

    Lil Wayne Sues Lil Wayne Documentary for Using Lil Wayne Music

    The self-appointed VMAs court jester otherwise known as Lil Wayne is suing film producer Quincy Jones III for using a handful of his songs in a movie about Lil Wayne. That movie, of course, is The Carter documentary of 2009, which famously portrayed the Young Money figurehead as a weed-horking, sizzurp-slurping mad genius on a path to certain self-destruction. Weezy never liked the thing. In fact, he sued to have it ejected from Sundance the year of its release, but the judge threw out the case. He claimed he'd allowed the cameras access to his life in exchange for the final edit. Instead, he got this "scandalous portrayal" (his words) and has presumably been working on a revenge plot ever since.

  • See Dirty Projectors' Kanye-Inspired Short 'Hi Custodian'

    See Dirty Projectors' Kanye-Inspired Short 'Hi Custodian'

    Dirty Projectors have made a career out of creating beautiful strangeness, but their new 20-minute film Hi Custodian may be the pinnacle of both. Singer David Longstreth directed the highly surreal short himself, supposedly inspired by Kanye West's Runaway. "I wanted to make a lot of images that were really hilarious and really sad at the same time," he told an audience at the New York premiere last night. He said Prince's Purple Rain was an influence to, and that he counts Die Hard among his all-time favorite films: "It's got such a great story." Hi Custodian, however, has no such narrative. Instead, there is Longstreth in a hazmat suit tromping through a landfill, and Longstreth on his deathbed surrounded by grieving women, and Longstreth as a nomadic leper weaving in and out of civilization.

  • R.E.M. / Photo by Getty Images

    Bad 'Religion': R.E.M. Slap Fox News With a Cease and Desist

    Legal snafus over song copyrights are as plentiful during election season as NSFW Flaming Lips videos, and today via Slicing Up Eyeballs we learned R.E.M. was displeased with Fox News using "Losing My Religion" during their coverage of the Democratic National Convention last night. In a no-nonsense statement on the band's website, Michael Stipe made as much clear as day, assuming you have a strong knowledge of serpentine taxonomy: "We have little or no respect for their puff adder brand of reportage. Our music does not belong there." The puff adder is a snake that puffs itself up to look extra scary. It is also venomous. The band post also included some legal nuts and bolts: “R.E.M.’s 'Losing My Religion' was used in the Fox News coverage of the Democratic National Convention last night. R.E.M.

  • Drake in the press room / Photo by Chris Martins

    Have You Met Snooki's Baby? Backstage at MTV's 2012 VMAs

    When we met Machine Gun Kelly on the red carpet for MTV's 28th annual Video Music Awards, he had a joint tucked behind his ear and his eyes were red. "I don't know what's going on this year, man," the Cleveland rapper drawled. "I'm kinda like, 'Get me the fuck out.' It's really awkward. The reality stars are the most famous people here. It's a music awards show. I don't like it. It sucks." But he had no idea. Out there, the lanky Wild Boy could suffer through the assembly line with fresh air to breath and sunshine on his back. A publicist led him quietly from chat to chat, and the shrill, girly screams were emanating from a hundred yards back, beyond a secure fence. Out there it felt, sounded and — considering the bizarre two-level, carpeted scaffold — looked like a theme park. Back here, it is something more nefarious.

  • Pussy Riot Release Video Thanking Madonna, Green Day

    Pussy Riot Release Video Thanking Madonna, Green Day

    Two masked members of Russian agitprop punk outfit Pussy Riot appear in a new video thanking Madonna, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Björk and Green Day for their vocal support of the group. Three of the feminist provocateurs were handed two-year sentences for "hooliganism" last month after performing a "punk prayer" in a Moscow cathedral. Last week, news broke that a pair of unapprehended women from the crew had made it out of the country — could this be them? "We've been fighting for the right to sing, to think, to criticize ... to change our country no matter the risks," says one before rappelling over the side of a building. She and the other unfurl a massive banner sporting the Pussy Riot banner before declaring Russian president Vladimir Putin an "evil man" and burning his photo.

  • Watch RiFF RaFF Rap Over Major Lazer's 'Get Free'

    Watch RiFF RaFF Rap Over Major Lazer's 'Get Free'

    Call him what you want — Jody Highroller, rap game King Tut, braid-sporting brand-tatted weirdo — but the Houston-hailing semi-based, sorta-trap rapper known as RiFF RaFF is more than a flash in the pan. He's as persistent as a pack of bed bugs and at least twice as talented. The Mad Decent-signed artist's latest missive comes in video form: a remix of Major Lazer's "Get Free" that he's redubbed "Neon Freedom." The clip features a couple of video babes bouncing around while RiFF RaFF lounges on a Harley hog and goes through an astounding number of wardrobe changes. The first lines: "In this game, I'm Thomas Clark / Shark waves on the back of my hand / Is sugar-coated in gold and ice / I'm golden, I have glowing eyes / Passenger has golden thighs." Could he possibly have meant Clark Tom, a South African man who saved his son from a shark attack?

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