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  • Animal Collective Crimson New Song Stream

    Animal Collective's 'Crimson' Is a Goopy Tropical Hallucination

    Singles mean something different to Animal Collective. As Nick Murray explained in his review of the band's Essential-stamped new album, Centipede Hz, forthcoming single "Applesauce," due out on 10-inch vinyl November 13, "traces a piece of fruit's journey from farmer to child to chef to mayor, thankfully abandoning the trail upon its digestion. Like nearly all of the record's 11 songs, it benefits from a disregard for traditional pop verse/chorus/bridge song structures."That's our AnCo, alright, channeling an encyclopedia's worth of deeply dug influences into one giant web of gloriously crossed wires and strange inclinations. Now, thanks to Domino Records, we can hear the unreleased B-side to "Applesauce," a live favorite called "Crimson" that combines warped tropical percussion with yearning vocals and echoing effects. Also, in keeping with the theme, it looks rather tasty.

  • Against Me! Transgender Dysphoria Blues Details

    Against Me! Promise 'Transgender Dysphoria Blues' Will 'Absolutely Destroy'

    It's safe to say that following Tom Gabel's brave public rebirth as Laura Jane Grace, anticipation is running high for Against Me!'s sixth album. Content-wise, we know a bit of what 2013's Transgender Dysphoria Blues is about — the singer's personal struggle with the titular condition, of course, and it will also serve as a concept album about a transgender prostitute.But in an interview with MTV Hive over the weekend, bassist Andrew Seward gave us an idea of what to expect musically following the Floridian band's unlikely dip into "crowd-pleasing power pop" with 2010's White Crosses: "It just sounds fucking killer," he said at Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest. "I don’t know if ‘brutal’ is the right word, but it just sounds really fucking tough, and good."Against Me!

  • Gary Clark Jr Ain't Messin Round Video

    Gary Clark Jr. 'Ain't Messin' 'Round' in New Retro Video

    We already know how the ghost of Tupac Shakur influenced Gary Clark Jr.'s freshly released Blak and Blu. In the new video for the fiery blues taunt, "Ain't Messin' Around," the Austin guitar hero channels the spirit of the '60s instead, playing for a fire-lit room full of modern folks who seem to get more Flower Power'ed with every blast from the bald-headed horn-blowers. Clark recently performed the song on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, where he was joined by that same brass section, but this Noble Jones-directed clip does the triumphant track real justice.

  • chris martin coldplay paradise live

    Coldplay Preview 'Live 2012' DVD With DayGlo 'Paradise' Clip

    Coldplay's Live 2012 concert film is due out physically on November 19, but the band has delivered an early treat to their legion of DayGlo-painted fans. In a new clip, Chris Martin and co. perform "Paradise," which, if you'll remember, Ariel Pink claimed to have influenced: "That over-melodiousness, that whole keyboard bit. That was all me. Seriously. They don't even realize." In truth, they probably don't, since they're busy regaling a Parisian stadium with this innately epic, piano-powered megahit. Coldplay Live 2012 will get a one-night-only theatrical release around the world on November 13, and will be streaming across various mediums on November 17 at 8 p.m. EST via EPIX. Put on your neon seatbelts, kids — this is going to be one mild ride.

  • Kanye West Cruel Winter Trailer Fake

    Kanye West's 'Cruel Winter' Trailer Isn't a Trailer for 'Cruel Winter'

    Last week we shared (and live-blogged) what seemed to be an official trailer for Kanye West's wishfully whispered-about Cruel Summer followup, Cruel Winter. As it turns out, while the brief video clip was made by a pro, it did not come from the G.O.O.D. Music camp, as Fuse explains. They spoke to the clip's director, Austin Christianson, and he broke it down:"Without getting into many details, I will say that the trailer was independently made and the video is essentially a concept trailer," he said. "It's used for pitching an idea and/or concept to a client. With that said, the video was being used for pitching purposes and it's naturally intended only for the client to see." He would not confirm whether West is actually a client.Of course, if West was, he might not be now.

  • Nicki Minaj Freedom Reloaded Stream

    Nicki Minaj Compares Herself to Jesus in 'Freedom'

    After a news year fraught with trumped-up drama, Nicki Minaj is making a point to clear the air and reinvent herself in a more flattering image. In last night's first episode of Nicki Minaj: My Truth, her new three-part reality special on E!, the Pink One confronts heinous gossip blogger Perez Hilton about his love of beef (he's been having a field day with her supposed spat with fellow American Idol host Mariah Carey). And in her just-leaked song "Freedom," no doubt aiming to give listeners a new framework by which to view her outsize good deeds, she compares herself to Jesus Christ in the opening line. Also, despite having a reality show spinoff of her talent-judging spinoff of her actual music career, she laments all of the attention she's getting and poses the timeless philosophical query, "Do I really want this fame?" Spoken like a true martyr.

  • The Killers Miss Atomic Bomb Tour Video

    The Killers Share Epic U.K. Tour Footage in 'Miss Atomic Bomb' Video

    In SPIN's review of the Killers' new one Battle Born, Barry Walters explains that, "Many critics can't accept a bridge that unites the seemingly incompatible kingdoms of Morrissey and Bruce Springsteen, and therefore an incredulous, bullying tone follows the Killers everywhere." One place the tenacious Las Vegas band is safe, however, is the road. In the new video for "Miss Atomic Bomb," the band shares tour footage that captures both the intimate moments (eating ice cream, riding in the bus) and the epic ones (performing for a swaying ocean of human beings) from their recent time abroad. It's a good look for the broadly unfurling song, whose lyrics wrestle with nostalgia for pure love.

  • Taylor Swift Stealing Lyrics Matt Nathanson All Too Well

    Taylor Swift Called Lyric 'Thief' By Folk-Rocker Matt Nathanson

    That Taylor Swift had to shelve her famous "O" face for the Country Music Awards last night wasn't such a big deal — the crossover star became the Queen of the Charts on Wednesday when it was announced that her fourth album Red notched the best debut sales week of any album in over a decade. Of course, as has been noted, bringing home more bacon means suffering more hatin', and now reports are emerging that a singer-songwriter named Matt Nathanson is saying that Tay stole his lyrics.On October 24, in a now deleted Tweet, Nathanson wrote, "she's definitely a fan... and now she's a thief." As ONTD points out, his 2003 song "I Saw" and her new one "All Too Well" share a pretty specific lyric: "And I/I'll forget about you long enough to forget why I need(ed) to." So he has a point. And as for her already being a fan, the proof is in the penmanship.

  • The Evens King of Kings Ian MacKaye

    Ian MacKaye's the Evens Return With Brooding 'King of Kings'

    The Evens are a post-hardcore fan's dream — an even more minimal distillation of punk's powerful rhythms and politics overseen by Fugazi founder and former Minor Threat man Ian MacKaye. The project is a duo (a real-life couple, in fact) featuring former Warmers drummer/singer Amy Farina. He sticks to his baritone guitar, she hits skins, and the two of them sing when they're needed, as heard on the spartan but striking new song "King of Kings." The Evens had a kid together in 2008, so they're forgiven for leaving us mostly empty-handed since 2006's Get Evens, but the hiatus is officially over. The Dischord band's third album The Odds is out November 20. Stream "King of Kings" over at Pitchfork, and check the Evens out below, doing their thing in a domestic scene:The Evens, The Odds track list:1. "King of Kings"2. "Wanted Criminals"3. "I Do Myself"4. "Warble Factor"5.

  • Chief Keef Dat Loud Ballout

    Chief Keef Goes Melodic for 'Dat Loud,' Remixes Soulja Boy's 'Zan With That Lean'

    In case 17-year-old Chicago rapper Keith Cozart didn't make it clear enough by naming himself Chief Keef, dude likes weed. That's all well and good by us, but there is such a thing as overindulgence. Via a couple of new Keef joints that leaked to the Internet today, it seems our man may have smoked himself silly, from the fierce student of Waka Flocka Flame's School of Hard Barks that we knew him to be, into an Auto-Tune'd crooner with a woozy sense of rhythm. "Dat Loud," featuring Ballout, is a stoned sing-along set to cascades of synth and ridiculous pileups of drums courtesy of Young Dro's original of the same name. Meanwhile, "Kush Wit Them Beans" is a major-chord pitch-fixed remake of Soulja Boy's "Zan With That Lean.""Dat Loud," shared by Chief Keef on Twitter:"Kush Wit Them Beans," uploaded to Keef's YouTube channel:

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