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  • Angel Haze Apology Bully Azealia Banks Beef Twitter

    Angel Haze Admits She Was a 'Bully' in Azealia Banks Twitter Beef

    We were all recently exposed to what SPIN's own Brandon Soderberg dubbed the "Worst Beef Ever." After our cover star Azealia Banks made a seemingly innocuous comment about who is and isn't allowed to claim New York, Breaking Out rapper Angel Haze — an NYC transplant with a song called "New York" — used the opportunity to fan the flames of online discontent. The end result was a raging and petty Twitter war that spawned not only three decent dis tracks, but an embarrassing dust-up with Perez Hilton that buried Banks under a mountain of outrage due to her use of homophobic language.Simply put, the entire thing was a mess, and though the women have since left one another alone, the stink of the drama still clings to them. Which is why it's both necessary and quite respectable that Haze has taken it upon herself to apologize.

  • Growlers Hung at Heart Album Stream

    Stream the Growlers' Full So Cal Surf-Psych Opus 'Hung at Heart'

    When we first met Southern Cal surf-rock psychonauts the Growlers, those paisley-preferring acid heads declared "Uncle Sam's a Dick" and teased us with the idea of a breakthrough produced by Black Keys main man Dan Auerbach. While we doubt their nuanced position on taxation and debt has changed much since last summer, the high-profile assist proved unfruitful — as the Growlers' label explains, "Indie Iron Chef Dan Auerbach had initially tried his hand in the kitchen but when the dish ended up overcooked, the Growlers brought it back to the home kitchen, drank the juice and started over." As it should be.

  • Parquet Courts Borrowed Time Live Video

    Watch Parquet Courts Get Sweaty and Silly in 'Borrowed Time' Live Clip

    Texas-to-New-York post-punks Parquet Courts are not only SPIN's most recent Breaking Out pick, but were responsible for our first Essential album of 2013. Light Up Gold is "a worldly collision of ideas designed to put brains (and mosh pits) in motion." As David Menconi writes in his review, "Depending on your own state of mind, it might come across as crazy-smart or crazy-stupid (or both)." Indeed that carefree balance abounds in the performance clip above nabbed at the band's November show at the charmingly gritty Williamsburg venue, Death By Audio. As the band rips through "Borrowed Time," the crowd rocks and bops, gets sweaty and silly — goes dumb, essentially — while Austin Brown's sharp guitar punctuates Andrew Savage's keenly poetic lines. "It's just awesome whenever a crowd knows the lyrics to your songs," Brown recently told us.

  • Junip Line of Fire New Album Preview Jose Gonzales

    Jose Gonzalez Returns With Junip: Listen to Lush Kraut-Folk Song 'Line of Fire'

    It's been a while since we've heard from Junip, the kraut-folk trio helmed by José González. Their 2010 LP debut Fields pushed that softspoken Swede out into the limelight and made for results both unnatural and enticing. While initially assumed to be a side project, Junip is returning with a self-titled second album on April 23, and González has been relatively quiet in the interim (then again, that's kind of the dude's whole M.O.).Our first taste of Junip is "Line of Fire," a lushly produced and pumped-up jangler that doesn't so much reinvent the band as reaffirm their warm, emotive mastery of studio songcraft. These three men are able to sound like an entire orchestra and convincingly so.

  • Roger Waters Jon Stewart the Daily Show the Wall Pink Floyd

    Watch Present Roger Waters Dis Past Roger Waters on 'The Daily Show'

    Last night, Pink Floyd founder and 12-12-12 star Roger Waters braved The Daily Show despite having "a little bit of the bubonics," as Jon Stewart chose to word it. While the English gentleman was clearly under the weather, he was sharper than ever, quick with the quips, and possessing just a little bit of that fuck-the-man vitriol that's kept his old band's old work a simmering concern for decades now.To wit, Waters has been touring Pink Floyd's towering 1979 concept album The Wall for a few years and plans to take his band to Europe this summer ("I think I may have squeezed North and South America dry," he joked). When asked how he keeps the material fresh for himself, Waters had his answer ready: "The version of The Wall that I'm doing now differs from the one that I did with Pink Floyd in 1979, '80 in that it is far more universal in its message.

  • Blood Orange Cyan Kindness

    Hear Blood Orange's Princely Cover of Kindness' 'Cyan'

    While the name Blood Orange may not yet ring a bell, there's a very good chance that you're already familiar with the work of Dev Hynes. Not only did the Texas-born, British-raised songwriter catch a little shine as the frontman of Test Icicles and via his spinoff project, Lightspeed Champion, he's penned some fascinating pop songs of late, most notably with Solange Knowles and Sky Ferreira. But sometimes genius needs a break, and so for his next trick as Blood Orange, Hynes has recorded a cover of "Cyan" by pop-funk provacateur Kindness. For his take on the World, You Need a Change of Mind standout, Hynes keeps it minimal, goopy, and positively Princely. Via SoundCloud, he explains that friend Tracy Antonopoulos (from the band Cable) contributed backing vocals to the bedroom recording.

  • sbtrkt album trials of the past replicant

    Watch SBTRKT's Terrifying 'Trials of the Past,' an NSFW Sci-Fi Short

    The fact that SBTRKT released his self-titled debut all the way back in June of 2011 hasn't stopped that album's narrative from continuing on into 2013. Last year, we shared the late-entry music video for the Sampha-featuring "Hold On," in which a disheveled man caught in a Groundhog Day-style loop was unable to prevent his presumed lover from leaving him for good. At the start of the brand new Ross Anderson-directed clip for "Trials of the Past," which also features the sweetly pained coo of Sampha Sisay, we see a similarly dressed woman who appears to be on the run. Quickly it becomes very apparent, however, that this is a very different sort of story and that she's not a woman — not exactly. After entering an eerie city from a country road, the video's star locates a barbershop run by a strange-looking fellow.

  • Girls Christopher Owens Chairman Mao Zedong Hipster Communism

    Girls' Christopher Owens Calls Communist Leader Mao Zedong a 'Hipster'

    In Mike Powell's SPIN review of Lysandre, the solo debut of Christopher Owens, he identifies the former Girls singer as "a proud reader of books." Indeed, the San Francisco-based artist often uses his Twitter feed to share tidbits from his literary pursuits, and from December 19 to December 27, the guy's feed was overrun with factoids from an unspecified book on Chairman Mao Zedong. In a fresh interview with Purevolume — in which he also discusses his new "romantic outlook" — Owens explains his obsession with the revolutionary Chinese communist. "I was just kind of surprised how interesting [Mao] was when he was younger. I liked him all of a sudden," he says. "He really is just a bit of a hipster. He just wanted to hang around with other guys who were smart. There was a lot of revolution going on around him, so it wasn’t exactly a novel concept.

  • Tegan and Sara I Was A Fool Stream Heartthrob

    Hear Tegan and Sara's Kate Bush-Style Ballad 'I Was a Fool'

    With the January 29 release of Tegan and Sara's seventh album, Heartthrob, fast approaching, the Quin sisters are dropping aural gifts left and right. Last week we heard their pepped-up take on the Rolling Stones' 1976 ballad "Fool to Cry," which was recorded exclusively for the soundtrack for HBO's Girls, and now we have a similarly themed original, "I Was a Fool."Glamour debuted the piano-powered song, which finds Tegan recalling the end of a relationship and taking pride in the fact that she did her best to see it through.

  • Willow Jaden Smith Kite PBR&B Emo Lost

    Super Rich Kids Jaden and Willow Smith Are Super Emo Kids on Moody Collab 'Kite'

    About a year ago, after seeing an unexpected shot of Will Smith's tiny female progeny hanging out with Odd Future's controversial leader, we wondered if Tyler, the Creator was corrupting Willow Smith. Now it seems the source might be closer to home. Last week, the 12-year-old girl sang wistful dejection all over a sample of Radiohead's "Codex," and now she appears on a new PBR&B bum-out by her big brother Jaden, 14.Their song is called "Kite" and like "Sugar and Spice" before it, the track contains some heavy vibes. Jaden, who has recorded a Kid Cudi cover or two in his (short) time, does a decent Drake impression as he raps about having "no friends," "feeling pain," and the "motion" of someone's "ocean" that's got him "rollercoastin'." The star of the show, however, is Willow, who offers some spacey rhymes ("Lil' mama got bars") and Internet-style psychedelic sing-song.

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