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  • Deathfix Transmission Dischord Brendan Canty Rich Morel

    Hear Brendan Canty's Deathfix Broadcast Explosive Prog 'Transmission'

    That the two men who founded Deathfix boast such disparate musical backgrounds suggests that the resulting project would sound nothing like either's previous work. Guitarist/singer Brendan Canty, of course, hails from post-punk pioneers Fugazi and emo forefathers Rites of Spring. Keyboardist/singer Richard Morel is a dance producer who's remixed everyone from the Killers to New Order to Mariah Carey. But together, and with a little help from Devin Ocampo (drums) and Mark Cisneros (bass), they're capable of formidable prog-rock epics powered by rip-roaring instrumentation and informed by early '70s glam.Their self-titled LP debut is out February 19 on Dischord, and the first taste comes in the form of "Transmission," a nearly nine-minute slab of forceful psych that takes the listener on a seismic journey through varying terrain.

  • Thao Nguyen / Photo by Lauren Tabak

    Hear Thao & the Get Down Stay Down's Singularly Anthemic 'We the Common'

    Back in October we heard the quaint and bluesy first taste from We the Common, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down's forthcoming third album. "Holy Roller" was both spare and jangly, and the LP's just-out titular single starts much the same. For "We the Common [For Valerie Bolden]," Thao Nguyen strums away on an acoustic guitar, and as some banjo plucks follow along, her rich, raw voice pulls us along like a dusty magnet.But then in comes a bright beat and some odd synth hits, making for a truly unusual combination of folk, pop, and rock — perhaps the next logical step that Beck never took following Mellow Gold — that explodes for an anthemic, soaring chorus.

  • jon spencer blues explosion, bag of bones

    Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Battle Zombie Squares in 'Bag of Bones' Video

    It's hard to know when to start and stop quoting a Jon Spencer Blues Explosion song. The band's titular leader is a born frontman — a consummate alpha male whose every lyric seems to drip with swagger and muscle. He's the brash American stud counterpart to Nick Cave's brooding Australian lecher, and a single like "Bag of Bones" drops a tattoo-worthy nugget every 10 seconds. Exhibit A: "Don't got to wait for Halloween to scream and wail!" Exhibit B: "I'm an old bag of bones but beleeeeve I get down, come on!" Exhibit C: "There's a shortcut to hell through the discotheque!"There's a little James Brown in the man as well, as he shouts "Pick it up-pa!" between spirited lamentations about there being too many squares and too much mediocrity in the world.

  • bleached, next stop, ride your heart, new album, track list, details

    Hear Bleached's Sunny, Punky 'Next Stop'

    When Los Angeles' leading ladies of gnarly party-punk Mika Miko called it quits in 2009, fans of the city's burgeoning DIY scene seriously lamented the loss. But they should've known better — lynchpin sisters Jennifer (vocals, guitar, keys) and Jessie (bass) Clavin were bound to rise up from the muck piled up in the back alley behind their iconic former home base, The Smell.We heard the first taste of their new collaboration as Bleached all the way back in 2011, the strummier "Searching Through the Past," and later we learned a bit more about their forthcoming debut album by visiting the siblings in the studio. "What we really wanted to do was explore," said Jessie at the time, and pretty soon we'll have the chance to do the same. Their new long-player is due out April 2 via Dead Oceans and will be called Ride Your Heart.

  • zebra katz, pulla stunt, Njena Reddd Foxxx

    Watch Zebra Katz 'Pulla Stunt' in Menacing New Video

    New York performance artist Zebra Katz wound up with an unlikely hit on his hands after his "Ima Read" took off with an assist from Diplo's Mad Decent label. The intensely creepy video (revisit it below) has racked up over a million views to date, and the song has appeared everywhere from Azealia Banks' Fantasea mixtape (as a cover version) to Rick Owens' avant garde runway show where it was played on repeat for the entire event. His "Ima Read" collaborator Njena Reddd Foxxx, intensely stoic as ever, joins him again for the new song/video combo, "Pulla Stunt."Recorded at Red Bull Studios in London for menswear designer Alex Mattsson, the song is even more menacing than its predecessor, finding Zebra looking impossibly tough, alternately stunting in black leather from a mountainous landscape and riding through city streets with an evil-looking motorcycle gang.

  • Willow Smith Radiohead Sugar and Spice Codex

    Willow Smith Samples Radiohead's 'Codex' on Precocious 'Sugar and Spice'

    Update: The song has been pulled from Smith's official SoundCloud and YouTube channels.Kids say the darndest things, don't they? One day they're all, "I whip my hair back and forth," and the next they're like, "I sat in front of the TV screen, society's always screaming at me. / They wanna puncture me and then wonder why I bleed."That's an actual lyric from the new song that 12-year-old Willow Smith leaked today via her SoundCloud profile (under the name Arbre Mort, which is kinda brilliantly/very emo-ly French for "dead tree"). The hot new jam is dubbed "Sugar and Spice" and it's neither a hot new jam, nor anything as peppy as its title would suggest.

  • Paramore Hayley Williams

    Paramore's Hayley Williams Assures 'No Dubstep' Was Jammed Into New Album

    Paramore singer Hayley Williams has seemed genuinely ecstatic about her band's forthcoming long-delayed fourth album, Paramore, ever since it became clear that the trio had returned from the brink. Promises of a "brand new band" toting a "surreal" new sound have in turn stoked excitement in fans and the emo-pop curious among us, and though we heard a snippet of the new single "Now" yesterday, there are still many questions to be answered. Williams recently sat down with AbsolutePunk to do just that, and we've sorted through her responses for the highlight reel.1) On titling the new one Paramore: "It just wouldn't seem right to try and force a name when these songs hit us like lightning ... We called the record what it is. It's really us.

  • miguel, jay leno

    Watch Miguel Effortlessly 'Adorn' the 'Tonight Show With Jay Leno'

    Miguel's "Adorn" is no less than SPIN's sixth favorite song of 2012, "a pure-oxygen burst of lithe, brash, absurdly winsome #sexualhealing" that sounds miraculous whatever the context. The Southern California-born singer proved that handily last night on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, reigning seductively supreme even in the presence of Jersey Shore survivors Snooki and JWOWW, plus Bill Maher.Taking the stage in an exceedingly handsome hat, with a four-piece band backing him, Miguel makes excellence look effortless. He skips from side to side on the tips of his toes, howls in ecstasy, and beams small but powerful smiles out at the audience (who howl in return). Also, it should be noted that including the one he's got tacked to his waist, Miguel is rocking at least four chainz, just doesn't seem the least bit weighted down. This man is unflappable. Need further proof?

  • American Idol Steven Tyler Motley Crue Pick Sides In Escalating Legal Drama Kovac LaPolt

    Steven Tyler and Mötley Crüe Collaborate in Escalating Legal Drama With Manager-Attorney

    Members of Mötley Crüe have joined Steven Tyler in formally protesting the legal machinations of their once-shared management company, Kovac Media Group. The drama began back in October when boss man Allen Kovac sued Tyler's lawyer, Dina LaPolt, for allegedly botching his contract to continue on as an American Idol judge. As the Hollywood Reporter explains, the plaintiff claims that LaPolt "poisoned" the deal so badly producers refused to offer Tyler a raise entering his third season with the show. Kovac is seeking damages in excess of $8 million and has also accused the attorney of convincing Tyler to fire Kovac (which Tyler did) and withhold commission due Kovac owed from his Idol severance package.As if the plot weren't already thick enough, Tommy Lee and Mick Mars are now involved as Kovac has added new claims to his filing.

  • Sundance Channel New American Noise Documentary Clip Nicky da b new orleans bounce

    Nokia Music's 'New American Noise' Dives Deep Into Sissy Bounce Scene

    On January 18, the Sundance Channel is set to premiere New American Noise, a six-part documentary series by Nokia Music and Somesuch & Co. where each episode focuses on a different music scene within a different city. Rather than leave the lineup to a single curator or a room full of execs, the network sought out directors who already moved through rare circles in music, and asked them to tell the stories of these unique locales. The aim? To tell "the story of music's evolution in America while also capturing the perspectives of music fans from all walks of life."Abteen Bagheri, who has done music videos for A$AP Rocky, Delta Spirit and Blood Orange, has taken on indie Portland and New Orleans bounce. Emily Kai Bok, the brilliant eye behind Grimes' "Oblivion" clip, is covering the alt-rap scene in New York.

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