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  • Prince Billboard Interview Crazy Person

    Prince Lets His Freak Flag Unabashedly Fly During Interview

    In a new story on Prince, Billboard reveals that the tiny funk god directed writer Gail Mitchell to watch The Adjustment Bureau, the Matt Damon-starring 2011 action-thriller based on a Philip K. Dick novel, in order to prepare for their interview. She was also instructed to familiarize herself with the anonymous Twitter account that's been leaking his music of late (see "Same Page Different Book" and "Screwdriver"), and to watch a web interview between a Prince superfan and a blogger named Dr. Funkenberry (also a Prince superfan). All of this begs the question: At what point did the Purple One actually lose his mind?Was it when he famously became a glyph for awhile? Or that time that he told MTV that the Internet is "completely over"? Did it happen when he released the song, "Let's Go Crazy" as part of an integrated marketing scheme?

  • Lana Del Rey Summertime Sadness Monsieur Adi Remix

    Lana Del Rey's 'Summertime Sadness' Remix Has Something for Everyone

    As far as aesthetics go, Lana Del Rey's is pretty specific: po(ut)-faced Jackie Onassis singing poetic gloom over halftime beatwork laden with heavy strings. But in the hands of the right remixer, even the most set-in-stone styles can be granted new context, and Parisian producer Monsieur Adi is no stranger to Lizzie's since he flipped "Born to Die" last year. But while most would be content to find a single fresh look for the song in question, this Frenchman's flip of "Summertime Sadness" plays like a five-minute mixtape as he fluidly (usually) switches over to a new vibe every 45 seconds, give or take. We start with Kanye West-style trap claps and symphonic sweep, then dive into decidedly Daft Punk electro, which transitions into some Chicago deep house, before we arrive at a halftime hip-hop beat, and exit with a bit of Skrillish microedits.

  • Watch Iceage Relieve Pressure in 'Ecstasy' Video

    Watch Iceage Relieve Pressure in 'Ecstasy' Video

    The boys of Iceage are about to break, but that's how we prefer 'em. In "Ecstasy," the latest taste from their February 19 Matador debut You're Nothing, singer-guitarist Elias Ronnenfeldt practically gasps, "Pressure! Pressure! Oh God no, pressure! Can't take this pressure." He sounds fantastically winded and weather-beaten while his Danish cohorts dirge on with a clanging whirlwind of nasty blackened punk. It's the kind of wonderful chaos that made their debut New Brigade one of SPIN's favorite albums of 2011.The song's video, directed by Catherine Pattinama Coleman, is fittingly wild and features the band and other Danish youth relieving pressure via myriad methods: moshing, making out, breaking shit, burning shit, flipping each other off, filming dog fights.

  • Bradford Cox Deerhunter Documentary Youth Museum

    Watch Deerhunter's Bradford Cox Play Dead in 'Youth Museum' Documentary

    Last summer, Atlas Sound soloist Bradford Cox revealed that he's been working on songs for the next Deerhunter album. "I don't know if they'll be used because they're so weird," he told MTV Hive. "I don't use any effects pedals or reverb or anything like that. I use a lot of roots sounds but they're kind of like field recordings ... I've been very interested in American roots like blues hollers, spiritualists." And sure enough, in the clip above, you can catch Cox singing the old folk song "The Moonshiner" into a recorder ... in a field.In October, music video director Grant Singer (Sky Ferreira, DIIV, Tamaryn) flew from Los Angeles to Atlanta to film and experimental documentary on Cox called Youth Museum.

  • Steven A. Clark Video Bounty Shaking Through Man Man War on Drugs Ava Luna

    See Steven A. Clark Channel Mellow Beauty With 'Bounty'

    Miami-based R&B riser Steven A. Clark has been doing just fine on his own thus far if the stunning collection of free music on his website is any indication. On the strength of regal slow jams like "Don't Have You" and quiet storm edits like "F.U.C.K. Pt. 1," he became one of our 5 Best New Artists for October. But while Clark is perfectly happy writing, producing, and performing his songs, he was also quite inspired by the opportunity to dive into an impromptu collaboration with a group of Philadelphia musicians for the video above.Curated by Dead Oceans, Jagjaguwar and Secretly Canadian label boss Chris Swanson, the Shaking Through series picks 10 "awesome independent musicians" each year to write and record a song in two days.

  • Le1f Coins Fly Zone Mixtape Stream Greedhead

    Hear Le1f Count His 'Coins' in Streaming New Space-Stunter

    "I feel more like an alien than a gay rapper," New York's Le1f told SPIN for his Breaking Out profile last month. The vogue-rap star has got a brand new mixtape due on January 28, Fly Zone via Greedhead, and the first taste of it is decidedly out of this world."Coins" finds our hero warping his words until they're barely recognizable in a strangely weightless atmosphere provided by producers Drippin & Souldrop. While trappy drums click, pop, and boom, Le1f takes a little time to empty out his piggy bank for all those listening: "Never looking thirsty, I'm always feeling hungry / Laughing out the bank, yo I'm getting money." His organic vocal modulation aside (no effects here), Le1f sounds clearer than ever before, at times recalling vintage Weezy or channeling Danny Brown.

  • ASAP A$AP Rocky Long Live ASAP Macklemore Ryan Lewis Billboard Chart

    Who Charted? A$AP Rocky and Macklemore Score a Crap-Rap Double-Header

    First! Clearly benefitting from the classic SPIN Worst New Music bump (see Muse, Mumford and Sons, the Game, Wiz Khalifa, etc.), Harlem's own A$AP Rocky scored a definitive No. 1 Billboard 200 victory with his LP debut, LONG.LIVE.A$AP, moving a chunky 139,000 units according to Nielsen SoundScan. It seems people really do enjoy that "raw mush of sound that provides an appropriate and occasionally great backdrop for refreshing your Tumblr dashboard" after all. Congratulations, America, on the impending blogging boom! It's impossible to tell whether Mr. Rocky will indeed Live Long at the top of the mountain or make an ASAP egress, since the main force behind his current sales is the giant collabo "Fuckin' Problems," a song which not only fails to match the overall vibe of the set, but features its supposed star for a mere 40 seconds.

  • the black keys sue casino lawsuit howlin for you soundalike sync

    The Black Keys Sue More People for Soundjacking Their Signature Tunes

    We all know how much the Black Keys love to license their blues to any ad agency or film/TV music supervisor who can afford to have them. It turns out they're also happy to hand out the bah-humbugs to any entities foolish enough to think they can get away with faking the Akron boys' trademark sound. While Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have a proven sense of humor when it comes to accusations that they've sold out (over and over again), nobody's laughing over the sacred status of their intellectual property, least of all casino developer Pinnacle Entertainment.The rub, according to the Hollywood Reporter, is that Pinnacle used a "soundalike" version of Brothers track "Howlin' for You" in at least two of its advertisements (since pulled down from YouTube).

  • dirty projectors portlandia ifc j mascis

    Watch Dirty Projectors and J Mascis Rock 'Portlandia' Gently

    Portlandia stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein have been skewering rock's great clichés from the beginning — remember our October 2011 interview with the pair? — and they've had some impressive help along the way, from a ghostily materializing Jack White to a hot-airborne No Doubt. This week's forthcoming episode will feature cameos from gnarl-master general J Mascis and the SPIN Essential-dropping Dirty Projectors, both appearing in a sketch poking fun at the Pacific Northwest predilection for mellow music.At a "Battle of the Gentle Bands" in an Oregon park, Armisen leads a group called Featherwash whose droning folk-lite is helped along by DP main man David Longstreth. Next up is Bless the Barn, fronted by Brownstein and a shamanistic Mascis who strums faintly on an unplugged electric guitar. Their coup de grâce?

  • Marnie Stern Chronicles of Marnia Release Date Kill Rock Stars

    Win a Date With Guitar Goddess Marnie Stern

    File under: "evil marketing genius" and "things that are awesome/dangerous." Kill Rock Stars is offering a "release date date" with guitar goddess Marnie Stern. What does that mean exactly? Well, what it sounds like. One lucky fan will win, by application, an all-expenses-paid date with the noise-popper on March 19, the day that her new album The Chronicles of Marnia drops. Good news for the applicant pool: Miss Stern told SPIN in December that she's trying "to make things less nutso" these days. Bad news: You can't be a "total creep/stalker" and you must live in the New York City area.Along with the expected stuff, the application asks for a list of any anti-depressants you might currently be taking, and also for your ex-girlfriend's email address. Compliance is recommended as Marnie is, we can testify, a real catch.

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