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  • CocoRosie 'Gravediggress' Tales of a Grass Widow Download Album

    CocoRosie's 'Gravediggress' Shovels Artful Creepiness Into Your Ears

    Parisian pair CocoRosie have been shoveling artful creepiness on audiences since forming in 2003, so it seems quite fitting that sisters Sierra and Bianca Casady have dubbed their newest song "Gravedigress." German-based label City Slang has announced that the group's fifth album is heading to European fans on May 24 and shall be dubbed Tales of a Grass Widow. No word yet on whether Sub Pop will pick up the record for a stateside release, though they backed 2010's Grey Oceans. Yes, there is a quite good band named Grass Widow, but these tales are not theirs.

  • The Strokes All the Time Stream New Song Comedown Machine

    Hear the Strokes' Muddy Return-to-Form Rocker 'All the Time'

    Okay, so we didn't exactly fall in love with the Strokes' first comeback track, "One Way Trigger" (read SPIN's Impulsive Reviews of the song), and the rampant comparisons to A-Ha's "Take on Me" were tough to ignore. But folks looking for a more familiar version of the indie rock torchbearers should be pleased enough with new one "All the Time," which marks a return to Julian Casablancas' plaintive vocals and the lo-fi garage grit that helped make the band's name. The track is a bit muddy to be sure, but this bodes better for the forthcoming fifth album, Comedown Machine, which is due March 26 via RCA. Stream "All the Time" below.

  • Pure X 'Things in My Head' Crawling Up the Stairs Download

    Hear Pure X's Shadowy, Sprawling 'Things in My Head'

    Austin groove-gazers Pure X piqued our interest in 2011 with Pleasure, "ten tracks of gorgeously distorted, lo-fi pop" that "glides languidly enough for '90s slowcore" but which overcomes the trappings of any specific era. On May 14, the Texan trio returns with Crawling Up the Stairs, via Acephale Records, which songwriter Nate Grace conceived while recovering from a serious leg injury sans medical insurance. Perhaps that helps explain the languorous sprawl and myopic title of "Things in My Head," an early taste of the new one that finds the group beautifying their dark sound even further. Stream and download the song below, and get to know Crawling's track list below that.Pure X, Crawling Up the Stairs track list:1. "Crawling Up the Stairs"2. "Someone Else"3. "Written in the Slime"4. "I Fear What I Feel"5. "Things in My Head"6. "Shadows and Lies"7.

  • NRA Enemies List Missy Elliott Boyz II Men Barry Manilow

    NRA Targets Beyonce, Boyz II Men, and Barry Manilow on Alarming 'Enemies List'

    The National Rifle Association has, ahem, set its sights on a very diverse group of opponents via a so-called "enemies list" that's since been scrubbed from the organization's website. Though originally published in September, the 500-plus-strong rundown only recently made headlines for its absurd lineup — ranging from the St. Louis Rams to the American Nurses Association to Meryl Streep — and has subsequently disappeared.Thankfully, enough of the gat-listed names have been noted thus far.

  • K-X-P

    Watch K-X-P's 'Magnetic North,' a Drunk-Driving PSA Gone Awesome

    Finnish electronikraut crew K-X-P have a far-out rhythmic ripper on their hands with new album II, out now on Los Angeles indie powerhouse Manimal Vinyl. The band chants, grinds, bangs, and clangs their way through the 12 songs contained therein, originally written while main man Timo Kaukolampi was on sabbatical in Berlin, then recorded within converted movie theaters (and studios) in Helsinki. The new platter is a step up from the group's 2010 eponymous debut in terms of both aggression and ambition, and "Magnetic North" offers a compact window into that shift. The song's driving vibes and playful psychedelic inclinations are well matched by the video above, which begins with a man drunkenly stumbling out onto the street from a local watering hole.

  • Bat For Lashes Marilyn Vogue Widowspeak Video Thick As Thieves

    Watch Bat for Lashes Celebrate Valentine's Day by Slaying 'Marilyn' on Guitar

    With Valentine's Day coming in hot, the usually fashion-minded folks over at Vogue have got love on the mind, and what better way to woo than with the right music? The publication kicked off a session series dubbed "Love Songs" on Sunday and have been sharing a video a day since. On Sunday we had Brooklyn duo Widowspeak deliver their slippery psych-folk number "Thick as Thieves," singer Molly Hamilton's slippery meditative coo in full effect (watch that below, rose petals and all). Monday brought Bat for Lashes' Natasha Khan, armed with an electric guitar, going big and beautiful on her The Haunted Man stunner "Marilyn" (watch that above). And today they've shared a acoustic ditty, "Call From Paris," by fashion muse, Cass McCombs collaborator and former girlfriend to Girls guy Christopher Owens Liza Thorn. Watch that one on YouTube. 

  • AarabMuzik 'Never Have to Worry' Stream

    Hear AraabMuzik's Bleak-Banging 'Never Have to Worry' Mixtape Leak

    Fresh off of his A$AP Rocky Letterman assist, MPC-slaying beat beast AraabMuzik is preparing to release a new mixtape dubbed For Professional Use Only on February 15. Could this be the final version of the mistakenly released Electronic Dreams 2 that excited so many in September? When we spoke to the production prodigy's people back then, we were told in no uncertain terms that the leaked set was "not the album." Perhaps it was the mixtape then? To be sure, we've no idea when the followup to Araab's stunning debut Electronic Dreams is actually going to arrive (and if it'll still be called Electronic Reality), but new song "Never Have to Worry" appropriately gives us plenty of reason to stop fretting.Kicking off with a towering stack of dooming sonics and goopy vocal edits, the bleak-banger stomps forth with huge kick drums and spinning synths.

  • LL Cool J Grammys Whaddup Chuck D Travis Barker Z-Trip Tom Morello

    Stream LL Cool J's Grammy-Exploding, Rubin-Era Banger 'Whaddup'

    LL Cool J may have made a fool of himself shoehorning the word "hashtag" into every other word during his second Grammys hosting stint but he more than made up for that #internet geekery with a fierce performance of his new song "Whaddup" accompanied by a Sheeran-free A-team of rap-meets-rock baddasses: Chuck D, Tom Morello, Travis Barker, and Z-Trip. While the track had hints of Public Enemy's "Welcome to the Terrordome" and the Beastie Boys' "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" in the mix, it hails from Cool James' May 7-due album Authentic, and is now available for purchase in iTunes. You can also experience this beast of a song via the YouTube stream below.

  • Local Natives 'Heavy Feet' Video

    See Local Natives Rep for Blind Pilots and Singing Sandwiches in 'Heavy Feet' Video

    We've seen Local Natives perform their "super-sensitive, baroque-rockin'" Hummingbird standout "Heavy Feet" on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and even watched the National's Aaron Dessner join in for a rousing live rendition of the same song. Still, none of that could have prepared us for the song's Ben Reed-directed music video, in which a group of blind older men first build and paint tiny stunt airplanes, and then fly them with [spoiler-free] results in front of a public audience. Subtitled, "The Ecstatic Flight of the Llandow Visually Impaired Harriers," the clip shows these unlikely pilots getting trained for their big moment while a stack of sandwiches inexplicably sing the words to "Heavy Feet" in the background. Is it all in the preparation, or could these fellas be getting an assist from their magical The State-hearkening lunch. Watch and learn.

  • Justin Bieber Black Keys Beef Twitter Dis Slapped

    Justin Bieber Responds to Black Keys Dis With Bigger Balls Than Nickelback Did

    At last we understand why that lunatic convict made plans to castrate Justin Bieber: the boy is barely legal, but he's got some remarkable balls. First the kid was snubbed by the Grammys, and then his plans to snub the Grammys in turn fell through (via a simultaneous live stream chat that supposedly suffered technical difficulties), and then Black Keys' Patrick Carney took a swipe at him in an interview with TMZ.Asked for his opinion on the Biebz getting left out of Music's Biggest Night, the drummer pretty innocuously said, "I dunno ... He's rich, right? Grammys are for like music, not for money ... and he's making a lot of money.

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