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  • Green Day Return SXSW South By Southwest 2013 Live

    Green Day to Kick Off Post-Rehab Return With SXSW Show and Screening

    Green Day kicked off the new year with some good news for a change. After the Bay Area punx' massive ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tré! arena tour was nixed due to Billie Joe Armstrong's Las Vegas meltdown and subsequent rehab enrollment, they announced that "the show must go on." But with their 33-stop trek across North America and Europe picking up at the end of March, the band's got some time to kill, so why not head to Austin?On March 15, Green Day will perform at the Moody Theatre in conjunction with South By Southwest 2013. Earlier that same day as part of the music, film, and interactive festival, the boys are planning a double-feature screening at the nearby Paramount Theatre: the world premiere of the Broadway Idiot movie, following American Idiot's journey to the stage, and a showing of ¡Quatro!, which documents the making of the album trilogy.That'll be a Longview indeed.

  • Morrissey Reschedules Cancelled Shows Staples Center

    Morrissey Beefs Up Rescheduled Tour, Actual Beef Content Still in Question

    Since October, Morrissey has been on a show-canceling spree. First he nixed some dates to hang with his ailing mum. Then came the bleeding ulcer, and his wry death pronouncement about the entire thing (which had grown to include a condition known as Barrett's esophagus). And while his forthcoming sold-out show at Los Angeles' Staples Center arena is still on, the Moz and the venue have been in a serious standoff over the night's purported meat content.But at last, good touring news has arrived. After a freshly confirmed February 26 Jimmy Kimmel Live! performance — plus a previously announced San Diego date and the aforementioned L.A. flesh-as-food fest — the former Smiths singer will embark on a 25-date run that kicks off at a rather unorthodox venue: Hollywood High School.

  • Dirty Projectors 'There's a Fire' B-Side Stream Swing Lo Magellan

    Listen to Dirty Projectors' Shambly Spirit Quest 'There's a Fire'

    As SPIN scribe Dan Weiss explained in his review of Dirty Projectors' Swing Lo Magellan, a huge part of what makes that excellent LP one of our 50 Best Albums of 2012 is "mastermind Dave Longstreth's desire to make a mess and tidy it up at the same time." That same winning dynamic applies to the just-released B-side, spotted by Stereogum, dubbed "There's a Fire."The song seems shambly at first: a mixed bag of percussion and African-inspired guitar plucking. But as Longstreth's gently note-bending voice arrives, all comes into focus.

  • Frank Ocean Grammys Rehearsal Video Forrest Gump Michelle Obama

    Watch FLOTUS-Approved Frank Ocean Rehearse His Grammys Performance (in Key)

    Frank Ocean's Grammys performance was a welcome break from the ceremonial tedium and bombastic productions that otherwise defined the night, but it wasn't perfect. Our Album of the Year-maker was off key at times and the song itself, "Forrest Gump," wasn't exactly show-stopper material to begin with. Ocean knew things weren't quite right, and he made a point to explain via Twitter:i had fun last night. couldn't hear my keyboards during Forrest. kinda bummed about that. but my moms was proud. she's tight. i'm grateful.— frank ocean (@frank_ocean) February 11, 2013This morning he gave fans another look at the performance by sharing a recorded rehearsal of the song complete with the totally-rad-at-the-right-angle video box showing his lower half running (though minus the Richie Tenenbaum outfit).

  • Little Boots Motorway Video Premiere Nocturnes New Album

    Hear Little Boots Reinvent Her Electro-Pop Vamp on 'Motorway'

    It's been four years since Little Boots released her rave-kissed dance-pop debut Hands, but the English artist born Victoria Hesketh hasn't been idle since. After wrapping up touring, she hunkered down on the international DJ scene and began to assemble the blueprint for her forthcoming follow-up, Nocturnes, due May 6 on her new On Repeat imprint. "Much of the 'dance music' we've been bombarded with of late leaves me cold," she says via statement, "and recently it feels like Proper Songs have somehow gone out of fashion.

  • Kanye West Jay-Z Rant Suit & Tie Grammys Industry

    Kanye West Hates the Grammys, Corporations, and Jay-Z's 'Suit & Tie'

    Kanye West took 10 minutes out of his Saturday night show in London to air his most current list of grievances — oddly enough in song form. While the ominous instrumental of G.O.O.D. Music's Cruel Summer standout 'Clique" played in the background, Yeezy got equal parts bluesy and bitchy. Perhaps most surprising was his admission that he's not a fan of his Watch the Throne partner's collaboration with Justin Timberlake."I got love for Hov," he sung of Jay-Z, "but I ain't fuckin' with that 'Suit & Tie'." As Billboard points out, he received an arena's worth of schoolyard "ooohs" for the jab, but he had pretty much everyone's slightly befuddled attention when he went in on the music industry establishment."I hate business people. People get on the phone with me and tell me, 'What kind of business can you do, though? What type of business are you doing?

  • Frank Ocean Eyes Like Sky Stream New Song

    Hear Frank Ocean Fall for a Blind Boy in 'Eyes Like Sky'

    A new Frank Ocean song has leaked, a channel ORANGE "leftover" according to the SoundCloud user who uploaded it. Sure enough, the production quality and general tone are consistent with SPIN's Album of the Year, and the subject matter speaks volumes to the era in which it was recorded. On "Eyes Like Sky," the narrator follows the observations of a "blind boy" who sees color in people and their surroundings, equating the hues he could never physically observe with the moods that they represent. And when the young man meets Ocean, the singer reads yellow. The song ends on a touching exchange: "I said, 'Have you ever seen the mountains?' / He said, 'No but my faith can move those.' / I said, 'I wish you could see the stars.' / He told me I should see love." (via Idolator)

  • Cannibal Ox New Album Single Kickstarter Iron Galaxy Gotham Ox City 2014

    Cannibal Ox Entice Fans to Fund New Album, Label With 'Gotham (Ox City)' Single

    Revered indie rap duo Cannibal Ox resurfaced late last year after members Vast Aire and Vordul Mega essentially spent a decade doing their own thing. Their 2001 El-P-produced debut The Cold Vein is pure canon for fans of left-field rap, and the group's egress from the game has left many wanting. But in November they not only announced their intention to tour, but confirmed they're working on a new album. Now they've got a Kickstarter — the deal is sealed.Can Ox are looking to raise $30,000 over the next 27 days in order to launch their own label, Iron Galaxy Clik Records, plus fund the making of their forthcoming sophomore album — officially due in 2014 — and all of the other bells and whistles that come with (touring, marketing, promotion, features fees, etc.).

  • Moneyball Kool A.D. Heems Desi Shoegaze Taiko Video 63 Nehru Jackets Das Racist

    Das Racist Dudes Drop Dueling Videos for 'Moneyball' and 'Desi Shoegaze Taiko'

    Former SPIN cover stars Das Racist may have called it quits in December, but Heems and Kool A.D. have been plenty busy since. The former made one of our Best Albums of 2012 with Nehru Jackets, an off-the-cuff confident Queens rap throwback that delivered some excellent grit and grime. Meanwhile, the man born Victor Vasquez released two free full-length mixtapes at the top of February, each named after Bay Area bus lines: 63 and 19.And it just so happens that each has dropped a new music video today. Above, you'll find Heems' "Desi Shoegaze Taiko," a Yuck-sampling clanger now set to the blood-splattering opening scene of 1998 urban vampire thriller Blade. "I used to do the powder in pounds," raps Himanshu, "now I'm all grown up and showering now." This is probably not the shower he had in mind.

  • Macklemore NBA All-Star Wings Selling Out

    Macklemore Neuters 'Wing$' Message for NBA, Defends Self Against 'Sell-Out' Squawk

    Up there is the original version of, and accompanying video for, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Wing$." The song fairly adeptly paints a picture of a kid desperate to fit in with his peers, so he begs his mom to buy him the basketball shoes that everyone wants. In his young mind, it's the kicks that make the man, and he deludes himself into thinking he's better at the game. But all of that comes crashing down when a friend's brother is murdered for a pair of Air Jordans.What follows is an emotive, and rather Atmosphere-ic, teardown of the societal commercialism that created such a scenario. Okay, cool. But then comes the next video (watch it below) which finds that original song repurposed by the NBA as a promo for its just-passed All-Star Weekend 2013.

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