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  • Small Black 'Free at Dawn' Limits of Desire Album

    Hear Small Black's Liberating 'Free at Dawn,' an Epic Answer to Chillwave's Past

    Chillwavers have aged better than most progenitors of hashtaggable micro-genres, and Small Black are no exception. Their 2010 debut Small Chain was a little late to the sun-baked game, but rather than get hung up on that fact, the Brooklyn quartet ran an aggressive campaign of creative reinvention. They sampled Nicki Minaj. They got Das Racist's Heems to lay down a couple of verses. They made that pretty freaking radical Moon Killer mixtape. And then the dudes hit the studio, and while there, singer Josh Kolenik told SPIN he's done with "any sort of haze or crud ... We're going to live or die by our vocals and there's no sweeping it under the rug." Enter Limits of Desire, the group's official sophomore album, due May 14 on Jagjaguwar, and our first real taste of the thing: "Free at Dawn." Stream the song below to hear an effort that's both more minimal and more expansive.

  • RZA Sampling Lawsuit Kanye West Dark Fantasy

    RZA Fights 'Extortion' in Kanye Copyright Infringement Case

    Copyright infringement lawsuits should, within a range of "some" to "most" of the time, be taken very seriously. They exist for a reason: to protect works of art from the sort of creative and/or commercial pillaging that could result in the original losing its place in both zeitgeist and market. But they've also become an easy way for publishing companies to scare up a little cash (and intimidate artistic experimentation) with formal accusations often ending in settlements.But the RZA ain't having that.

  • Chelsea Light Moving Thurston Moore Birthday Party Basement

    Watch Chelsea Light Moving Play a Guy Named Trevor's Birthday Party

    When Thurston Moore announced the impending arrival of the ear-popping self-titled debut from Chelsea Light Moving, he also bragged that his new band was down "to detonate any birthday party, wedding or hullaboo in any country, planet or stratosphere." Two weeks ago, our pals at Brooklyn Vegan called the Sonic Youth founder's bluff and, well, guess who popped up in the comments thread. Yup, Big Trizzy Mo' himself.Moore wrote, "i'm thinking sick house basement birthday party --- gonna see about inviting some heavy peeps like alice cooper." As it turns out, he's made good on a solid 50 percent of that statement, which is enough to provide us with the clips above and below.

  • Houses / Photo by Dan Monick

    See Houses' Pre-Apocalyptic 'Beginnings' Video

    All the way back in 2010, Northern California's Lefse Records released Houses' understated debut, All Night. Those 10 songs amounted to an incredibly intimate set of blissed-out, electro-organic soul penned by Dexter Tortoriello and Megan Messina while they were living in a Hawaiian cabin without jobs. A lot has changed since — the couple moved to Los Angeles, and their former hobby now has the look of a serious career — but the duo called Houses still understand how important physical context is to their art.Their sophomore album A Quiet Darkness is due April 16 on Downtown Records, and it was partly recorded in abandoned homes located along the Californian portion of Interstate 10. And as it turns out, those houses are also part of the album's narrative, which follows a husband and wife's attempts to reconnect after a nuclear disaster separates them.

  • Chris Brown Rihanna Law & Order SVU Episode

    Chris Brown and Rihanna's 'Law & Order' Aptly Depicts Our Worst Fears

    First things first, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is a television crime drama on a major network. It is among the ham-handed best that one of the worst and most salacious genres in mainstream entertainment has to offer. It never has and never shall be The Wire. Deal with it. But there are two things you can count on from SVU: 1) that it will turn juicy, real-life stories into even juicier "ripped-from-the-headlines" dramas, and 2) that it'll be better than that awful show with the chick with the bangs."Funny Valentine" is the series' most recent episode and, as previously noted, its plotline follows two lovestruck pop singers caught in an abusive relationship very much inspired by Chris Brown and Rihanna's exasperatingly public and potentially dangerous affair.

  • David Bowie The Next Day iTunes Album Stream

    Stream David Bowie's Entire 'The Next Day' Right Now — Go!

    The Next Day is, quite suddenly, now. David Bowie's first new album in a decade isn't due out until March 12 (we assume this target has stopped moving at last), but fans can stream the entire thing for free in the iTunes store as of this evening all the way up to the actual release. This deluxe version of Ziggy's 24th studio album is currently available for pre-order ($13.99) and includes three bonus tracks.Keeping in line with Bowie's surprise birthday announcement of his long-awaited return, this too was a previously unannounced gift from the rock'n'roll legend.

  • Mark McGrath Cruise Festival Smash Mouth Spin Doctors Cancelled

    Mark McGrath's Cruise Fest Sinks Under Weight of Own Inanity

    Unbuckle that life vest and defrost those spiky tips: The Mark McGrath & Friends Cruise has been canceled. How do we know? Well, the seafaring festival's website has been updated with those exact words, in the same friendly font that once raised our hopes so high for oceanic appearances by Smash Mouth, the Spin Doctors, Gin Blossoms, Cracker, the Verve Pipe, Marcy Playground and, of course, Sugar Ray themselves.To quote another relic of the '90s, "The sea was angry that day," and it's swallowed up our nostalgia in a frothy wash of likely low ticket sales.

  • Azealia Banks the Strokes' 'Barely Legal' Cover

    Azealia Banks Inexplicably Turns the Strokes' 'Barely Legal' Into Club Bait

    We long for the day when Azealia Banks stops stirring the pot of inexplicability and just. releases. some. freaking. music. already.

  • Milk Music 'Cruising With God' Stream Cruise Your Illusion Olympia Fat Possum

    Hear Milk Music's Distorted Thrill Ride 'Cruising With God'

    Washington-based bashers Milk Music have a full-length coming on April 2 — a grunge-addled alt-punk slab of emotive gnarl called Cruise Your Illusion en route via Fat Possum Records. A month ago we heard the aptly titled "I've Got a Wild Feeling," in itself a pedal-pushing whirlwind of whine and grind, and before that we damaged our necks freaking out to the far scruffier "Violence Now." But now we've got a new one to devour and it's only putting our vertebrae at further risk. "Cruising With God" is a top-down hair-whipper of the highest and holiest order — reason to saw the top off yer Civic and drive in circles to the shrill sound of guitars being gorgeously abused.

  • Tricky 'Nothing's Changed' 'False Idols' Francesca Belmonte

    Tricky Admits Last Albums Sucked, Shares Much Better 'Nothing's Changed'

    Tricky bummed out a lot of fans and critics when he dropped 2010's strikingly vanilla Mixed Race. "It seems odd that Tricky's self-professed 'gangster album' may go down as the polyglot producer's most bland offering yet," we wrote, and it turns out that the man born Adrian Thaws agrees. In the announcement for his forthcoming tenth LP False Idols, he lays it all out: "I was trying to prove something to people, trying to do something to please other people and also myself at the same time, which is never going to work ... My last two albums, I thought they were good, but I realize now they weren’t.

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