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  • Paul McCartney Letter Pussy Riot Hunger Strike Russia

    Paul McCartney Reminds Pussy Riot Oppressors That He Has Friends in Russia

    Paul McCartney has thrown his weight behind the Pussy Riot cause, sending a handwritten letter to Russian authorities calling for justice in the case of imprisoned artist-activists Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova. His support came following the news that Alyokhina has embarked on a hunger strike after being refused the right to attend her own parole hearing. He also apparently wrote a letter last month when Tolokonnikova was denied parole.Macca's website includes brief excerpts from each of the two messages, which politely emphasize the fact that a significant chunk of the world is watching this human rights violation unfold, and that he, living Beatle Sir Paul "Helter Skelter" McCartney, is friends with many Russians. Considering the circles this guy runs in, we're guessing he ain't talking about the proletariat.

  • Daft Punk Get Lucky Yelling Goats Remix Video

    Daft Punk's 'Goat Lucky' Is the Best Goat Remix Video Since the Last One

    If you think humans have been losing their shit about Daft Punk's Essential new album Random Access Memories and its chart-climbing single "Get Lucky," wait till you see what the goats have to say. As memes go, this one gave us just enough space to let it slip back into our virtual lives and dominate once again — much like the French electro-house androids themselves. And just as they roped in a rogue's gallery of diverse, well-regarded collaborators ranging from Pharrell to Giorgio Moroder, here they are assisted by a handful of bovidae celebritaes — the only goat missing is Felicia. Enjoy.

  • The Lonely Island Solange Semicolon Wack Album

    Hear the Lonely Island Incorrectly Use the Semicolon in Rap About 'Semicolon' Use

    If ever there was a lyric video that justified its own existence, it's "Semicolon," the new nerdy knee-slapper from the Lonely Island. With an assist from Solange, Andy Samberg's joke-rap posse does their best to exemplify proper use of the oft misunderstood punctuation mark — though it turns out their best is not very good at all. A semicolon is used to connect similar independent clauses (that means two related complete sentences) not already linked by a conjunction, such as "but." The Lonely Island use it instead to deliver one-word punchlines, a job better left to the semicolon's half-sibling: the colon.

  • Vampire Weekend Modern City Macklemore Can't Hold Us Billboard Chart

    Who Charted? Vampire Weekend Win Big, Daft Punk Get Lucky at Last

    First! Cue the streamers, it's Vampire Weekend! The prep-pop champs scored their biggest sale day to date with their new SPIN Essential Modern Vampires of the City, moving 134,000 units according to Nielsen SoundScan and, duh, scoring the No. 1 slot on the Billboard 200. By comparison, 2010's Contra also bowed at No. 1 but sold 10K fewer copies — reason enough to pop a chilled can of Aranciata and celebrate. Better still is the news that this is the 19th independently released and distributed album to dominate the Top 10 since the chart began using SoundScan in 1991. Go ahead, don some bleeding madras and do a little kwassa kwassa for the boys.2 to 10: There are, at best, two more albums that you care about in the rest of the batch. The Great Gatsby soundtrack (No.

  • Tim Dog Arrest Warrant Judge Faked Death Scam

    Arrest Warrant Issued for Tim Dog, 'Dead' Since February

    Last week we brought you the unusual story of Tim Dog, the gangsta-provocateur turned Internet-scammer who reportedly died of diabetes-related causes on February 14 — unless he didn't. One of the known victims of his dating service hustle recently suggested that Timothy Blair may have faked his own death in order to escape his debts. A Mississippi judge has now issued a warrant for the supposedly deceased rapper's arrest."I need proof," Hernando-based prosecutor Steven Jubera told news station WREG. He convicted Blair in 2011, and filed a motion with a judge on Tuesday (May 21) to revoke the man's probation. "I need a death certificate showing that’s he’s dead because as far as I’m concerned, he’s alive." He also added that if Tim Dog is indeed alive, he'll have pulled off the greatest scam in the history of hip-hop.

  • Morrissey Birthday Wikipedia Entry Read Out Loud

    Here's Morrissey's Life Story Read By a Robot

    In honor of Morrissey's birthday — the Mozzer turns 54 today — we'd like to present the oral history of the former Smiths singer and righteous mononymous solo star, painstakingly assembled via hours of interviews and excellent editing by your devoted SPIN staff. Okay, it's actually just a robot reading the man's Wikipedia profile for an hour. But isn't that neat? Thanks to Slicing Up Eyeballs for the tip.The clip appears on a YouTube channel called wikispeak10, which seems to exist for the sole purpose of converting useful Wiki entries ("rhombus," "prohibition," "Ken Shamrock") into audible content presumably for the visually or literately impaired. That said, the vast majority of their 8,191 videos has zero views whatsoever.

  • Old Money 'Doctor Doctor' Stream Fire in the Dark

    Hear Old Money Philosophize on Future-Rap Banger 'Doctor Doctor'

    Ahmad Julian and Andre Oswald are Old Money, a pair of New York producer-MCs whose respective Jamaican and Guyanese roots influence their unique vision. Though they were raised in the tougher parts of town, as youths the pair attended prestigious academic institutions in predominantly white areas of the northeast, and their forthcoming mixtape will explore both their past and the dichotomies that it's presented. Fire in the Dark is due out May 28 on DJ /rupture's Dutty Artz label. Though its subject matter is compelling enough to make a great listen, the music is equally noteworthy. Below you'll find "Doctor Doctor," which kicks off with a snippet of Chris Rock's famous "Mo' 'tussin" bit and soon becomes and bass-warped futuristic rap track powered by rhythms as old as time.

  • Laura Marling / Photo by Erik Voake

    Laura Marling Enchants L.A.'s Hollywood Forever Cemetery With Songs of Loss and Beauty

  • Rose Windows 'Wartime Lovers' The Sun Dogs Sub Pop

    Hear Rose Windows' Barefoot Psych-Soul Stomper 'Wartime Lovers'

    Seattle septet Rose Windows were recently signed to Sub Pop and their new label has all kinds of fancy ways to explain 'em, but the best description might come from the band themselves: "Hard-hitting hippies." Singer Rabia Qazi coos like an ever-so-slightly smoothed Janis Joplin, and project mastermind Chris Cheveyo has a compositional ear that swirls the Doors, the Band, and Black Sabbath up beautifully in big old soup pot with flavors plucked from vintage Middle Eastern psychedelia. The group will release their debut album, The Sun Dogs, on June 25 and to warm us up to the affair, they're now sharing "Wartime Lovers." This incredibly lush highlight kicks off with a hail of bells and keys, and quickly expands into a barefoot orchestra's worth of instrumentation and groove.

  • Daft Punk 'Horizons' Random Access Memories Bonus Japanese

    Hear Daft Punk's Expansive 'Horizons,' a 'Random Access Memories' Bonus Cut

    Daft Punk's SPIN Essential'd new album Random Access Memories is out today, and it's been streaming since it leaked. But despite all of those revealing "Collaborators" videos, our own interview with the androids, our own interviews with their friends, and exhaustive research detailing the duo's original American debut, their savviest samples, and that astounding transition from flop to flaming success, the French electro-house icons have one more gift to give.Below, you'll find "Horizons," the Japanese bonus cut from RAM and a beautiful and well-named work of sonic succulence. The expansive track indeed channels epic vistas, not to mention the soundtrack work of their pal Giorgio Moroder. It's a lovely bookend to the entire album, so it's a bit of a wonder that it wasn't included for all audiences.

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