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  • Oneohtrix Point Never 'Still Life (Interspecies Excerpt)' Video

    Oneohtrix Point Never's 'Still Life' Sounds and Looks Like an Android's Nightmare

    Oneohtrix Point Never returns October 1 with R Plus Seven, his first album for the iconic electronic label Warp and a supposed departure from his warm and fuzzy 2011 opus Replica. Above you'll find the first taste from the forthcoming platter: "Sill Life (Interspecies Excerpt)," a highly experimental piece that swerves closer to sound design than songcraft, per se. Surging electricity competes for space with liquid splash, squelching computers are pitted against a child's voice, and ambient gush interacts with bassy blooms.For the video, Daniel Lopatin loops in his frequent collaborator Nate Boyce, who provides discomfiting abstract 3-D imagery that seems perfectly suited to the sound. While what appears to be a series of ads flash by on the right side of the screen, strange mechanical shapes interact with a sea of mercury.

  • WIllie Nelson Jack White Third Man CMT Birthday

    Watch Willie Nelson Jam With Jack White on 'Red Headed Stranger' for His 80th Birthday

    Willie Nelson celebrated his birthday earlier this year by filming his very own CMT Crossroads episode at none other than Jack White's Third Man Studios. The Americana legend turned 80 on April 29, but the special aired on Sunday night (June 23) on Viacom's country station. In the 40-minute video above, the former White Stripe chats with Nelson in Nashville between performances featuring an impressive array of guests, from Leon Russell and Sheryl Crow to Norah Jones and Neil Young. Willie and Jack jam a little as well, dueting on an intimate acoustic version of Nelson's outlaw country classic "Red Headed Stranger." Between the stunning songs and the warm interviews, it's a wonderful, sensitively assembled episode that both celebrates the man's legacy and reminds us that he's as good at what he does as he ever was.

  • Electric Daisy Carnival 2013: The 20 Best Things We Saw

    Electric Daisy Carnival 2013: The 20 Best Things We Saw

    True, a rave by any other name will smell just as sweaty, but Electric Daisy Carnival is something truly special. With eight stages and more than 200 acts, the flagship Las Vegas event is one of the biggest electronic music fests in the U.S., and quite possibly the most iconic. Running from dusk till dawn (7 p.m. to 5:30 a.m.) across three neon nights at the Strip-adjacent Motor Speedway, the event brought in 115,000 fans per day this weekend, the vast majority of which it seemed were down to break into an "E!D!C!" chant at only the subtlest of coaxing. That's because the Daisy offers an experience™ complete with actual carnival rides, ornately costumed dancers, electric light shows, multiple stages and, yes, even an onsite wedding chapel. SPIN dove headfirst into its third year.

  • Alela Diane 'About Farewell' Video Album

    Alela Diane Bids Adieu to Bad Romance in 'About Farewell' Video

    The titular track from Alela Diane's forthcoming About Farewell functions as a distillation of the album's most salient emotions and themes. The pain of divorce, the light in letting go, hard-fought hope, and seeking truth and beauty even in those things which had to end. And it doesn't hurt that over that minimally plucked guitar and those other airy tones, Diane unspools such gorgeous melody that you can't help but experience what she's feeling.The Nevada City, California native will release her fourth album on June 25, and in honor of the occasion she's given us the video above to share. Directed by Michael Palmieri (Beck, the Strokes, Foo Fighters, New Pornographers), the clip is fittingly simple: black and white, with colorful flourishes, following Diane as she sings about getting free, and a small bird attempts to find its way out of her home.

  • DJ Nobody Cedric Bixler-Zavala 'Our Last Dance' Stream

    DJ Nobody Teams With Cedric Bixler-Zavala for Sunny Psych-Hop 'Our Last Dance'

    Los Angeles producer DJ Nobody has cultivated a diverse and musically rich résumé over the years. With beatwork dating back to 1998, the man born Elvin Estela has collaborated with Freestyle Fellowship, Prefuse 73, Beans, and Mia Doi Todd. He's got a full-fledged psych-folk band called Blank Blue.

  • Sub Pop Toms Shoes Limited Edition Silver Jubilee

    Sub Pop Celebrates Its Silver Anniversary in Sensible Shoes

    In honor of the iconic indie imprint's 25th anniversary, Sub Pop has teamed up with TOMS Shoes to release three limited-edition kicks. Shown above, the sensible swag will include two versions of the "Classic" slip-on (blue for the boys, red for the girls) as well as a gray lace-up, rubber-soled "Paseo." Each will incorporate custom imagery provided by Seattle-based label.The shoes will come with a download code for a set of new and rare songs from Shabazz Palaces, Mudhoney, Father John Misty, Pissed Jeans, METZ, Shearwater, King Tuff, and others. Also, as is the TOMS way, for every pair purchased, a second pair of shoes will be given to a child in need.

  • Pirate Bay TPB Founder Guilty Hacking Gottfrid Svartholm

    Pirate Bay Founder Faces Two More Years for Trying to Hack a Cool Million

    Gottfrid Svartholm, one of the three founders of the Pirate Bay, will be jailed for two years due to charges unrelated to the infamous file-sharing website. The 28-year-old Swede has been found guilty in his own country of aggravated fraud, attempted aggravated fraud, and data breaching after he hacked into major Scandinavian financial institutions, published the private data of thousands of citizens, and attempted to transfer nearly $1 million dollars online.The two-week trial also resulted in the conviction of Svartholm's conspirator Mathias Gustafsson, 36, who received probation. The former was already in jail serving out a one-year sentence he received for Internet piracy related to TPB back in 2009. Svartholm had relocated to Cambodia following that decision, but was extradited last year.

  • Serengeti Kenny Dennis 'Can't Wait' DJ Abilities

    Serengeti Rhymes About Rib Tips on Bonus 'Kenny Dennis' Cut 'Can't Wait'

    Chicago storyteller Serengeti releases his Kenny Dennis LP on Tuesday (June 25), building off of the delightfully offbeat character study that was last year's Kenny Dennis EP. The series follows the man born David Cohn as he inhabits the being of a dude called, well, Kenny Dennis — a middle-aged white rapper who loves his city deeply and still clings to a fictional '90s beef with Shaq Fu. (Serengeti explained the entire thing to SPIN last June.) Backed by the beatwork of Anticon founders Odd Nosdam and Jel (see also C.A.R.), our hero spits gruff blue-collar knowledge while taking the piss out of rap self-seriousness.In honor of the forthcoming release, the label's shared bonus cut "Can't Wait," which also finds Rhymesayers turntable-beast DJ Abilities lending an able hand.

  • JJ DOOM Thom Yorke Dave Sitek Clams Casino Remix

    Hear Thom Yorke, Dave Sitek, and Clams Casino Rework JJ DOOM's Gritty Rap Tracks

    JJ DOOM are relaunching their slept-on debut Keys to the Kuffs as the "Butter Edition," which will feature new tracks from the pair and choice remixes from some high-profile names. The project combines the rhyming styles of (MF) DOOM and the production prowess of Jneiro Jarel. Last year's album included guest spots from Beth Gibbons, Damon Albarn, and Goodie Mob man Khujo. It also delivered one of 2012's Best Rap Lines.Above you'll find the new song "Bookhead" with a video directed by New York graffiti legend ESPO. Below you'll find remixes of various Kuffs tracks by Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood ("Retarded Fren"), Clams Casino ("Bookfiend"), and TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek ("Rhymin Slang").

  • Vinyl Playing App Digital Promo Kontor Records

    The App That Kinda-Sorta Plays Vinyl Through Your Phone

    As those sitting on the other side of the computer glass might assume, folks in the music business get sent a lot of music. Amongst the various delivery mediums, none is so low as the CD-R — a cheaply made discolored piece of plastic with no keepsake value or intrinsic check-me-out-ness. Vinyl, on the other hand, is pretty much the best, but not everyone has a turntable at their desk (present company excluded).Well, German dance label Kontor Records has figured out a work-around, sort of. As seen in the demo video above, via Mass Appeal, they've developed a marketing solution they're calling "Back to Vinyl: the Office Turntable." The physical LP arrives in a mailer that folds out into a 2-D "record player" printed with a QR code.

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