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Saul Williams: Tupac Musical Failed Because Iggy Azalea’s Winning

Though Tupac Shakur musical Holler If Ya Hear Me outlasted initial reports of its demise, the Saul Williams-starring show was forced to close on Sunday (July 20)…
Colin Joyce / July 22, 2014

Saul Williams Starring in Tupac Musical

The Tupac Shakur musical has founds its lead actor in Saul Williams. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 42-year-old Renaissance man will star in Holler if Ya Hear…
Dan Reilly / April 7, 2014

Turn Up the Vote: Saul Williams

From Coachella to Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza to Virgin Mobile Fest, has been talking with artists at this summer's hottest festivals about what issues concern them…
Larry Fitzmaurice / August 13, 2008

Lollapalooza ’08 Editors’ Blog: Four (Final) Observations

1. No one was shouting "Eli, my man!" or "It's Eli, he LOVES us!" (don't get it? rent Animal House), but it sure sounded like…
Doug Brod / August 4, 2008