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Hear Every Legendary Sample Cut Up and Reassembled on Strategy’s New EP

These are the breaks. And yet, they're not the breaks in the way you've heard them before. Paul Dickow, the Portland, Oregon-based producer who records…
Marc Hogan / June 12, 2014

Grammy Awards Will Allow Samples for Song of the Year

Every song contains traces of its influences. The Grammy Awards will now allow those influences to be outright samples or quotes across all award categories,…
Marc Hogan / June 12, 2014

How a ‘Happy Birthday’ Lyric Sheet Could Be Worth Millions in Copyright Fees

"Happy Birthday to You" may soon be less dear. Virtually everybody knows the song, but nobody is allowed to use it in movies or just…
Marc Hogan / June 21, 2013

Is Sampling Dying?

Simple beats and Auto-Tuned vocals form the foundation of 808s & Heartbreak, Kanye West's latest release. As the title implies, it's a breakup album. But…
Matthew Newton / November 21, 2008