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Watch Alex Trebek Goofily Rap ’90s Hip-Hop Hits

Ever think you'd hear Alex Trebek drop a few Beastie Boys lines? Though competitors who step behind the hallowed podiums on Jeopardy! are likely used…
Colin Joyce / May 17, 2014

Dropping the Ball: 2013’s New Year’s Eve Concerts in Photos

Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, Coldplay, and more artists who worked on NYE…
Ken Bachor / January 2, 2013

Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj Dominate BET Awards

Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z and Drake were among the top winners at this year's BET Awards, with up-and-comer Minaj taking home three awards, including Rookie of…
Daniel Burgess / October 4, 2010

Winehouse Stinks, Wall-E Meets Pink Floyd

MEAT LOAF sings about his favorite food -- you'll never guess what it is! [Best Week Ever]…
SPIN Staff / July 23, 2009

Musicians React to Michael Jackson’s Death

The music world -- and the world at large -- has been mourning Thursday afternoon's unexpected death of Michael Jackson. Via Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and…
Larry Fitzmaurice / June 26, 2009