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Watch Alex Trebek Goofily Rap ’90s Hip-Hop Hits

Jeopardy Alex Trebek 90s Rap

Ever think you’d hear Alex Trebek drop a few Beastie Boys lines? Though competitors who step behind the hallowed podiums on Jeopardy! are likely used to questions on topics as diverse as history, math, science, and geography, the show’s writers have recently taken a liking to vaguely niche-y music knowledge. Back in December of last year, contestants were quizzed on “Alt” music, January featured legendary rap tracks, and February had Haim and Arctic Monkeys as answers

As Rolling Stone points out, all of those previous categories were topped by one titled “‘The 1990s Rap Song,” if only for the sheer joy of hearing Trebek try his hand at bars by Notorious B.I.G., the Beastie Boys, Shock G, MC Hammer, and Cypress Hill. Check out the whole run of the category above, which game show legend Ken Jennings pretty much dominates. 

Last week also featured Gucci Mane’s “Haterade” as an answer to a clue, which you can also see below. It’s pretty much just as funny hearing Trebek say “Gucci Mane” as it is hearing him tackle those rap songs. Here’s to hoping they keep around whichever writer has rap on the brain.