Tiga: From Montreal to ‘Planet E’

Mid-February marked the first time Tiga had to cancel a show in two decades. When we speak over the phone, it's apparent he’s sick — his voice subdued,…
Evan Siegel / March 15, 2016

Audion Turbo-Charges a ‘Pop Version’ of Tiga’s ‘Make Me Fall In Love’

The last team-up between Montreal's most tongue-in-cheek techno DJ Tiga and the continually traveling Matthew Dear's Audion alias, 2013's electric "Let's Go Dancing," was so irresistible that a full,…
Harley Brown / March 3, 2016

Tiga Travels to ‘Planet E’ With Hudson Mohawke, Announces New Record

Tiga (no, not that Tyga, the good one) announced a new album today, and dropped a trippy-as-all-hell lead single featuring Hudson Mohawke. No Fantasy Required, which…
James Grebey / January 12, 2016