8 Essential Doom Metal Bands

Here are 8 essential doom metal bands and releases to know.
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‘Last Days Here’ and Pentagram’s Sordid Story

The leathery "survivor" is one of rock's great archetypes. Think Keith Richards, Lemmy, or Iggy Pop: Their nicotine croaks and haggard faces supposedly suggestive of…
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Meet Dr. Doom: Pentagram’s Bobby Liebling Returns

Forty years ago, with his band Pentagram, Bobby Liebling invented a style of fiendishly heavy metal that hardly anyone heard. He spent the ensuing decades…
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No Blood, No Glory: Thrasher Party Wilding at SXSW

In a SXSW sideshow with no shortage of highlights -- the proposition of Odd Future, Das Racist and a 40-year-old doom metal band sharing a…
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