operation myspace

Tours of Duty

Hordes of young people gather in the middle of nowhere, raising devil horns and pumping ?sts along to a rock-radio staple. Laser lights penetrate the…
Peter Gaston / May 28, 2008

Operation MySpace Blows Through Kuwaiti Desert

The lights were spastic, casting hues of purples and reds across the night sky, while crane cameras swooped overhead and choreographed dance numbers and guitar…
Peter Gaston / March 11, 2008

SPIN.com in Kuwait: A Soldier’s Life in Filter

Soldiers queued up for hours to meet some of Operation MySpace's performers, lining the halls of the base's PX -- military speak for "postal exchange"
Peter Gaston / March 10, 2008

SPIN.com in Kuwait: Troops Jam with Filter

One thing that's absolutely obvious after a few hours on this base: All soldiers have other passions, and when a few minutes in the day…
Peter Gaston / March 10, 2008

SPIN.com in Kuwait: Arrival

About halfway around the world (and seven hours ahead), SPIN.com's Peter Gaston is in attendance at a U.S. base in Kuwait where Filter, Disturbed, the…
Peter Gaston / March 10, 2008

SPIN.com Travels to Kuwait for Operation MySpace

On Monday, MySpace will webcast a concert for the troops live from Kuwait, and our Peter Gaston will be on-hand to witness the event. Featuring…
SPIN Staff / March 8, 2008

Filter, Disturbed Rock Out in Kuwait, Spin Tags Along

Filter, Disturbed, DJ-Z Trip, Jessica Simpson, the Pussycat Dolls, and comedian/host Carlos Mencia are heading to Kuwait as part of Operation MySpace, a landmark, three-hour…
William Goodman / February 28, 2008