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News in Kuwait: A Soldier’s Life in Filter


Soldiers queued up for hours to meet some of Operation MySpace’s performers, lining the halls of the base’s PX — military speak for “postal exchange” — to get autographs from Filter, Disturbed, and comic Carlos Mencia. But most everyone was puzzled by the man in fatigues seated next to Filter’s Richard Patrick at the signing table.

The mystery soldier was Frank Cavanagh, Filter’s bassist from 1996-2002. Since Filter dropped off the radar five-plus years ago, Cavanagh enlisted and now is scheduled for deployment in Iraq in a few weeks time. Thanks to the help of MySpace and Armed Forces Entertainment, Cavanagh was flown over from the States to participate in Operation MySpace and play a song with Filter during tonight’s show.

We sat down with the reunited duo this afternoon to get all of the details.