News \ in Kuwait: Troops Jam with Filter

Video! Watch two soldiers jam out in the base rec center with Filter frontman Richard Patrick.

One thing that’s absolutely obvious after a few hours on this base: All soldiers have other passions, and when a few minutes in the day arrive for personal time, they’ll dive right into whatever it is they enjoy. For two National Guardsmen about to deploy northward into Iraq, that passion is the guitar, and they got a rather awesome opportunity yesterday to jam with Filter’s Richard Patrick.

The Internet is really slow here — we are, after all, on a base powered entirely by generators in the middle of the desert — so I’ve only been able to get two clips of the jam session footage through so far. Here’s Privates Baxter and Huynh rocking out on Stone Temple Pilots’ “Interstate Love Song,” and Baxter learning Filter’s “Take a Picture” from Patrick himself.

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