Faith Evans and the Notorious B.I.G. – “Party on the West Coast (the Matoma Tropical Remix)” ft. Snoop Dogg

Back in 2014, Norwegian DJ Matoma managed to get New Edition's Ralph Tresvant and 1 percenter terrorist Ja Rule on a single called "Old Thing Back"—a…
Brian Josephs / May 22, 2017

Magic! and D.R.A.M. Text About Getting Conned by Groupies in “Girl at Coachella” Video

Coachella begins tonight, triggering the spread of thousands of flower-crowned, molly-dusted teens across the California desert. To mark the occasion, Matoma, Magic!, and D.R.A.M. have…
Jeremy Gordon / April 14, 2017

Ten DJs and Producers Discuss SoundCloud’s Future

Lately, SoundCloud's troubles have been many, and confusing: Following reports that the Berlin-based streaming service was running "dangerously low on cash," a slew of internet radio…
Harley Brown / August 26, 2015