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Video: LEYA – “Sister”

The Brooklyn-based experimental duo LEYA--made up of violinist Adam Markiewicz, of The Dreebs, and harpist Marilu Donovan, who often performs with Eartheater and GABI--twists classical instrumentation…
Dale Eisinger / April 6, 2018

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Eartheater: The Former ‘Barefoot Freak’ Making Time-Traveling Folk Music

At the entryway of Alexandra Drewchin's apartment building in Ridgewood, Queens, an art installation is starting to stink. A latticework of bricks made out of…
Colin Joyce / October 21, 2015

SPIN Singles Mix: Arca, Dive In, Pity Sex, and More

Welcome to SPIN’s Singles Mix! SPIN staffers have rounded up their favorite, must-hear tracks for your personal playlists. Collecting the finest from Venezuelan super-producers, ambient…
SPIN Staff / September 30, 2015

The 10 Best Cassette Releases of 2015 So Far

As vinyl records remain a veritable luxury good and CDs continue their digital-era redundancy, we still have ol' reliable: the cassette tape. Only the dreary,…
Colin Joyce / June 11, 2015