Buraka Som Sistema

Download a Free Track From Buraka Som Sistema’s Branko and Roses Gabor

Buraka Som Sistema's Enchufada label has been awfully generous lately. Their ongoing Upper Cuts series offers a new, exclusive giveaway every two weeks. Now label…
Philip Sherburne / March 12, 2013

Stream a Bone-Rattling Introduction to Venezuelan Changa Tuki by Pocz & Pacheko

With all eyes on Venezuela following the death of Hugo Chavez, it seems only appropriate to turn our ears to changa tuki, a musical style…
Philip Sherburne / March 6, 2013

Buraka Som Sistema’s Enchufada Label Offices Go Up in Flames

The offices of Buraka Som Sistema's Enchufada label went up in flames on Sunday night, label reps reported on social networks today, reducing the entirety…
Philip Sherburne / December 4, 2012

Watch Buraka Som Sistema’s ‘Tira o Pe’ Make a Crowd Lose Its Collective Mind

You haven't seen an audience going wild until you've seen the way crowds lose their shit to Buraka Som Sistema. Part of that's likely due…
Philip Sherburne / May 8, 2012

Buraka Som Sistema, ‘Komba’ (Enchufada)

Whether or not you believe the claim that Angola's kuduro dance style was inspired by Jean-Claude Van Damme's stiff onscreen movements, the rhythm itself is…
Richard Gehr / November 8, 2011

First Spin: Hear Buraka Som Sistema’s ‘Komba’

Tomorrow, Buraka Som Sistema will drop Komba, a new full-length bonanza that, according to SPIN contributor Richard Gehr, finds the Portuguese dance collective assembling "Jamaican…
David Bevan / November 7, 2011
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