bleed the pigs

Bleed the Pigs’ Kayla Phillips Alleges That Bandmate David Hobbs Sexually Assaulted Her

Kayla Phillips, the lead singer of the Nashville grindcore band Bleed the Pigs, is alleging that her bandmate, guitarist David Hobbs, sexually assaulted her last…
James Grebey / March 15, 2016

Nashville’s Bleed the Pigs Grind Against the Grain

Kayla Philips has a lot on her mind. Last October, the Nashville transplant hit upon the perfect outlet when she and guitarist David Hobbs were…
Kim Kelly / June 17, 2014

5 Best New Artists for June ’14

From a Los Angeles futurist to a Jamaican dancehall protege to the excellent, caustic howls of a female-fronted metal outfit, these are five artists to…
SPIN Staff / June 2, 2014
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