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Jon Spencer Explains How to Survive a Blues Explosion

Whether it was with skuzz-rockers Pussy Galore, rockabilly revivalists Heavy Trash, or his namesake blooze provocateurs, Jon Spencer has been detonating classic American rock'n'roll forms…
Kenny Herzog / September 6, 2012

Still Can’t Escape Gotye’s ‘Somebody’? Hear HIS 6 Biggest Earworms

All due respect to Carly Rae Jepsen, but Gotye is the left-field success story of 2012. The smoky-voiced Aussie's inescapable breakout single, "Somebody That I…
Kenny Herzog / July 19, 2012

Rob Zombie’s Rock Advice: Lose the ‘Tude, Trust Thyself

Despite White Zombie's large cult following and well-documented endorsement from Beavis and Butt-Head, it's unlikely that few pop-culture observers circa 1993 would have preserved images…
Kenny Herzog / July 18, 2012

John Lydon Ages (Sorta) Gracefully

Belying his Rotten reputation, John Lydon is actually quite the sweetheart. Not that you’d guess after listening to Public Image Ltd.’s first new album in…
Kenny Herzog / June 6, 2012

The Cult’s Ian Astbury on Girl Power, ‘Love,’ And Karma

Time isn't exactly a linear construct for the Cult's Ian Astbury. The crooning frontman made his name during hard rock's '80s halcyon days, but his…
Kenny Herzog / May 11, 2012

Crooked Fingers, ‘Breaks in the Armor’ (Merge)

There have been moments in Crooked Fingers' consistent, decade-plus oeuvre when Eric Bachmann's songwriting elevates to a startling new level of sophistication. On Breaks in…
Kenny Herzog / October 11, 2011

Breaking Out: Viva Brother

If you want to be heard, you've got to make a big noise. That's been Viva Brother singer-guitarist Lee Newell's m.o. since the self-styled "gritpop"
Kenny Herzog / June 13, 2011

Atmosphere, ‘The Family Sign’ (Rhymesayers)

On the follow-up to surprise 2008 commercial hit When Life Gives You Lemons..., cagey MC Slug and producer Ant are joined full-time by guitarist Nate…
Kenny Herzog / April 12, 2011

Rise Against, ‘Endgame’ (DGC/Interscope)

Rise Against's strident anti-ignorance messages have coursed through several albums of tightly wound, good-intentions punk. But as soon as frontman Tim McIlrath bridges the half-time…
Kenny Herzog / March 15, 2011

Bayside, ‘Killing Time’ (Wind-Up)

With charged-up opener "Already Gone," Bayside immediately obliterate the rigid scolding of 2008's disappointing Shudder. Thank producer Gil Norton, who helped shape the sound of…
Kenny Herzog / February 22, 2011

Bear Hands, ‘Burning Bush Supper Club’ (Cantora)

At its best, especially on standout track "Julien," the full-length debut from these playful Brooklyn rockers (and Wesleyan alumni) is exactly the sort of record…
Kenny Herzog / November 2, 2010

The Sword, ‘Warp Riders’ (Kemado)

These metal loyalists' third monolith is steeped in hokey, dystopian sci-fi, but Warp Riders' interplanetary narrative possesses a charming conviction. It's also somewhat at odds…
Kenny Herzog / August 9, 2010

Eli “Paperboy” Reed, Come and Get It (Capitol)

The third album (and first for a major) from this Boston-born, Mississippi- and Chicago-bred singer-guitarist is bound to inspire Sam Cooke comparisons, but Get It…
Kenny Herzog / July 14, 2010

Francis and the Lights, ‘It’ll Be Better’ (Cantora)

As hip-hop's latest nerdy, white-boy muse, Francis Starlite is a Drake- and Kanye-approved, Eraserheaded ball of overearnestness who can moonwalk like Fred Astaire. Tightly wound…
Kenny Herzog / July 12, 2010

B.o.B, ‘The Adventures of Bobby Ray’ (Atlantic)

Multi-instrumentalist mixtape vet B.o.B is a one-man second coming of Atlanta's Organized Noize era. But where OutKast's best spun elastic funk through cinematic psychedelia, The…
Kenny Herzog / April 26, 2010

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