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Strokes Bring ‘Angles’ to Life at Vegas Gig

Julian Casablancas kept his cool -- he always has, as if his DNA comes spiked with Freon -- but the packed house before him teetered…
Jason Bracelin / March 14, 2011

Brandon Flowers Plays First Solo Show

He often sang with a hand over his heart, in a "Pledge of Allegiance" pose, looking as earnest and hopeful as a man asking for…
Jason Bracelin / August 16, 2010

Underworld: Explosive in Vegas

When Brit electronica subverts Underworld kicked off their current North American tour at The Joint in Las Vegas on Thursday night it was a full-body…
Jason Bracelin / August 7, 2009

Blink-182 Kick Off U.S. Tour!

Blink-182's tour kick-off Thursday night at Las Vegas' the Joint venue was the kind of show that doubled as one prolonged rim shot, a tongue-in-(butt)-cheek…
Jason Bracelin / July 24, 2009

Limp Bizkit Play First U.S. Show in 5 Years

The rap-rock Charlie Brown wanted some answers.
Jason Bracelin / July 20, 2009

Jay-Z Conquers at Las Vegas Tour Opener

Jay-Z's words conveyed a menace that his smile quickly deflated, his acidic rhymes sweetened by the knowing grin of a man who's not only in…
Jason Bracelin / July 6, 2009

Killers Dazzle in Hometown Tour Opener

Brandon Flowers shielded his eyes with the back of his hand, like he was attempting to scan the horizon and some unforeseen luminescence was hindering…
Jason Bracelin / April 20, 2009

Jane’s Addiction, Porno for Pyros Rock “Perrypalooza”

Nothing quite says "happy birthday" like a semi-tipsy dude dropping rhymes about banging your girlfriend.
Jason Bracelin / April 13, 2009

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