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Minimalism and Deep Bass Can’t Keep Panda Bear’s Buoys Afloat

For a famously chill guy known for bemoaning the importance of material things, Noah Lennox has allowed some unusually demanding promotional materials. "We…
Ian Cohen / February 8, 2019

Only The 1975 Could Make an Album Like the Dizzying A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

"There are no big bands doing anything as interesting as us." This Matt Healy heat check was plastered on the cover of Billboard…
Ian Cohen / December 6, 2018

Cloud Nothings’ Last Building Burning Only Feels Like a Triumphant Return

As goofy-ass indie rock videos go, Cloud Nothings’ "Modern Act" remains uniquely memorable for the sole fact of debuting on November 9, 2016. Frontman Dylan…
Ian Cohen / October 24, 2018

Dirty Projectors Try Too Hard to Sound Carefree on Lamp Lit Prose

If not crazy in love, Dave Longstreth has been struck dumb: "She is so dreamy / That she got features on Fellini" and "Archimedes Palimpsest…
Ian Cohen / July 20, 2018

A Perfect Circle Are on Their Same Old Bullshit

Maynard Keenan: winemaker, Brazilian jiujitsu enthusiast, creator of numerous Tool songs longer than some hardcore albums--these are pastimes that require far more patience…
Ian Cohen / April 25, 2018

The Wonder Years Want to Find a Home Everywhere

Dan Campbell came out swinging from a south Philly basement seven years ago; now he’s trying to throw his arms around the world.
Ian Cohen / April 9, 2018

Review: The Men’s Drift Does Just That

On previous albums New Moon and Tomorrow's Hits, The Men were coming to your town to help you party down, even as their reputation as unpredictable shapeshifters was…
Ian Cohen / March 13, 2018

Review: Turnstile’s Time & Space Is a Bracing Aggro-Pop Dance Party

If you had to hear about Turnstile from people like us, it’s already too late. Similar to their newly Grammy-nominated labelmates Code Orange, Turnstile’s major…
Ian Cohen / March 1, 2018

Review: No Age Muscle Up and Unburden Themselves on Snares Like a Haircut

Ah, a new No Age album. Time to take a big sip of coffee while I check the LA Weekly for the latest…
Ian Cohen / January 26, 2018

William Patrick Corgan Is Living the Dream

Do not refer to William Patrick Corgan as "Billy," and definitely do not call him an underdog, despite decades of evidence to the contrary. "Is that a serious question?"
Ian Cohen / October 12, 2017

Review: Queens of the Stone Age’s Weighty Villains Is About Josh Homme, Not Mark Ronson

There’s a good chance the average pop radio listener couldn’t spot Mark Ronson in Coachella’s VIP section and an even better chance they think "Uptown…
Ian Cohen / August 25, 2017

Revisiting Chris Cornell Through His Most Memorable Musical Moments

"I feel bad for the next city," Chris Cornell reportedly shrugged towards the end of Soundgarden’s unusually disjointed performance at Detroit’s Fox Theater…
Ian Cohen / May 19, 2017

Afghan Whigs’ Greg Dulli Talks New Album In Spades and Why He Knew Trump Was Going to Win

Greg Dulli killed Emo Nite LA so that it may live. As the Afghan Whigs frontman and I get reacquainted during our phone conversation,…
Ian Cohen / May 8, 2017

Strand of Oaks May Go Broke, But He Still Believes in Rock ‘n’ Roll

Tim Showalter is about ten days out from the release of Hard Love, Strand of Oaks’ fifth album, and it seems like the last thing…
Ian Cohen / February 17, 2017

Cloud Nothings’ Dylan Baldi on His Optimistic New Album: “I Don’t Feel Like I’ve Wasted My Life Anymore”

In Cloud Nothings’ earliest days, Dylan Baldi essentially shared songwriting credits with Cleveland, Ohio, whose prevailing reputation—see "The Mistake on the Lake," Major League, Hot…
Ian Cohen / January 25, 2017

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