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Indecent Exposure

It's uncensored, so if you're focused, you might see a nipple," says Marion Raven, introducing her video "Heads Will Roll" on the online network No…
Greg Milner / March 4, 2008

The Records That Changed My Life

"I know all the 'classic' records that people are supposed to list," Ryan Adams says. "I mean, I love Blonde on Blonde.But these records are…
Greg Milner / August 4, 2004

The Records That Changed My Life

Liz Phair has evolved from the lo-fi diva of 1993's Exile in Guyville to the modern-rock mom of last year's Liz Phair.And through the years,…
Greg Milner / July 21, 2004

My Life In Music: Michael Stipe

Photo By Alexei Hay As an army brat bouncing around the country, Michael Stipefound inspiration in everything from the Beatles singing "Michelle"
Greg Milner / March 26, 2004

Tony Kanal

"I never had a cool older brother or sister to turn me on tocool music," says No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal. "I hadto discover it…
Greg Milner / February 4, 2004

The Chemical Brothers: My Life In Music

Anyone who's heard Chemical Brothers classics like "Block Rockin'Beats" and "Setting Sun" knows that Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons getover on breaking barriers between techno…
Greg Milner / December 31, 2003

Controversy of the Year: War on Downloading

This is the year things got personal. The Recording IndustryAssociation of America made good on its threat to sue individualfile traders, not just the software…
Greg Milner / December 22, 2003

Wyclef Jean: My Life In Music

You may know Wyclef Jean as the leader of the Fugees, who combinedrap, soul, and reggae to become one of the biggest hip-hop acts ofthe…
Greg Milner / December 2, 2003

The Strokes, ‘Room On Fire’ (RCA)

Only their hairdressers and Backstage Pass know for sure, but this is how I bet it went down: One night, early in the sessions for…
Greg Milner / November 21, 2003

Ted Leo/The Pharmacists, ‘Tell Balgeary, Balgury is Dead’ (Lookout!)

"But mine eyes have seen the glory of the fields of flowers and fa-fa-factory floors," Ted Leo sings on "The High Party." If you heard…
Greg Milner / November 21, 2003

Rancid, ‘Indestructible’ (Hellcat)

Back in 1993, almost eight years after the Clash sputtered to a close, Rancid released their self-titled debut, which exhumed the Clash's ultra-potent punk rock…
Greg Milner / September 25, 2003

Northern State, ‘Dying In Stereo’ (Startime) / Fannypack, ‘So Stylistic’ (Tommy Boy)

Northern State and Fannypack, two New York female rap trios, both obsess on hip-hop sounds that ruled before they were born. Specifically, Northern State pass…
Greg Milner / June 29, 2003

System of a Down, ‘Steal This Album!’ (American Recordings/Columbia)

In the wake of September 11, System of a Down became the rock band most willing to articulate the unstable--sorry, I just can't do it.
Greg Milner / June 20, 2003

Yo La Tengo, ‘Summer Sun’ (Matador)

Old dogs may have trouble with new tricks, but sometimes musicians have trouble sticking to the good tricks they know. Not so Yo La Tengo.
Greg Milner / June 15, 2003