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Tony Kanal

“I never had a cool older brother or sister to turn me on tocool music,” says No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal. “I hadto discover it for myself.” Calling just before hisband’s The Singles 1992-2003 hit stores, theLondon-born, Orange County-bred Kanal, 33, spun the soundtrack tohis far-flung musical upbringing. As an added bonus, Gwen Stefanisat in the background correcting his grammar (“‘Gwenand I,’ not ‘Gwen and me'”) and ticking offher own supposed favorites (“Michael Bolton, Kenny G, CelineDion”).

Photo By Jeff Minton

D. BAD BRAINS I AGAINST I (SST, 1986) “Bad Brains are so underrated. It’s weird — we’ve worked with people in the reggae world, and nobody knows about them. I Against Idoesn’t have any actual reggae songs, but, to me, this is their mostconsistent album. They’re doing hardcore stuff, but there are alsoamazing metal grooves.”