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Moonwalking in L.A. With Beck

In the four years since his folk-hop opus "Odelay," Beck's world has turned upside-down. Teens and meatheads have taken over, slacking has given way to cell…
Chris Norris / July 8, 2014

Nirvana: The 2004 Cover Story, ‘The Ghost of Saint Kurt’

Romanticized, ripped off, and never quite forgotten, Kurt Cobain still haunts us like no other rock star. But ten years after his controversial suicide, as…
Chris Norris / April 1, 2014

MYTH No. 1: Radiohead Can Do No Wrong

REALITY: Radiohead kinda blow.
Chris Norris / November 9, 2009

The SPIN Interview: Elvis Costello

He's tackled nearly every form of contemporary music over 27 albums. Now Elvis Costello is taking his cultural ambassador skills to their logical a…
Chris Norris / December 1, 2008

Me and You and a Dog Named Blue

One spring afternoon in 1999, Steve Burns was on his way to a date. He was driving through New Jersey, fighting jitters, primping…
Chris Norris / February 9, 2004