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KYNG on the Beauty of Metal Catharsis

"California heavy" band also talk about meeting their heavy music heroes
KYNG (Max Sharp)

Self-described “California heavy” band KYNG understand the cathartic power of metal.

“It kind of used to be this stigma about people [who] listened to heavy music that they were angrier—and ‘Why is he screaming?’ and ‘Why is that guy yelling?'” bassist Nick Schendzielos tells SPIN backstage at Louder Than Life, referencing a study he read about the subject. “They found actually that people who listen to heavy metal, as a whole, are more well-adjusted as a result because it acts as a pressure release for those emotions to be channeled. So all the stuff that builds up throughout our lives that sucks and that we’d normally carry with us—heavy music, particularly, it’s a conduit to channel it into something positive.”

The KYNG musicians grew up obsessed with the likes of Metallica, Pantera, and Black Sabbath. And through making their own music, they’ve been able to meet—and receive direct, vital encouragement from—some of those metal icons.

“[We met] Rex Brown from Pantera,” says singer-guitarist Veliz. “We got to play with Phil Anselmo, Megadeth and Dave Mustaine. “We’ve gotten to tour with these guys and gotten feedback from them. … We’ve been lucky enough to actually get a response from our musical heroes who influenced us left and right.”