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Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 Takes Us Inside

Credit: Albert Sanchez



Our bus is named  Black Beauty (because she’s all black and Black Beauty is also the name of a famous horse).

Date  Wednesday, November 9th

Current city  Hamden, CT

On our way to  Toronto, Canada

Come see us until  December 18th

Promoting My album Red 4 Filth.

My favorite song to perform live right now  “wow” because it’s a pop punk song and we all get to mosh with our friends for the performance.

This album was inspired by Music of the late ‘90s and early 2000s. Ace of Base, No Doubt, TLC, Avril Lavigne.



I think fans will love the new album because  It’s music and there are boobs on the album art.

What I love most about our tour bus  Watching The Golden Girls with everyone.

What I love least The fact that no TV system has ever worked properly on a tour bus in the history of planet Earth.

To pass the time  I lay flat.

A big misconception about bands on tour. That it is glamorous in any way.  I smell very bad most of the time.

Craziest story about a trip we’ve taken  I don’t know my whole life is crazy.

Grossest thing I’ve ever seen on a tour bus  The smell that randomly emanates throughout the cabin for no reason.

Most memorable thing that’s happened while on tour  Selling out Sony Hall in NYC.

Messiest person I tour with  Myself.

The one thing I must have on tour that makes me feel at home. Tea.

If I had one word to describe how I feel about touring, it would be Fiercealicious.

Tickets are now on sale for Alaska’s Red 4 Filth Tour.