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Royal & The Serpent Adorably Freaks Out About New Demi Lovato Collab

The singer was breathless on TikTok, unveiling how she became involved in Lovato's next album

Royal & the Serpent’s Ryan Santiago was not short on words in a TikTok video she posted about how she came to be a collaborator on Demi Lovato‘s eighth studio album, HOLY FVCK, out August 19. Royal & The Serpent was announced as the opener on Lovato’s upcoming tour. But Santiago revealed they also wrote “the coolest song ever.”

“Put a finger down if your publisher called you one day…” she started before launching into a disbelieving screed about they came to work with Demi on the upcoming album. The pop star initially reached out to Santiago to ask if she’d write a song for HOLY FVCK.



♬ original sound – Royal & the Serpent

“After [the song-writing session], you text them and say how much they mean to you, and how much their music has meant to you, and how you learned to sing singing their songs in their car when you were a little girl,” Santiago said. “The next thing you know, they ask if you want to come write some more songs for the album.” The second session led Demi to invite Santiago to sing the song they’d written with them.

“It’s the hardest song you’ve ever had to sing because their voice is so high, and you lose your voice for an entire week after, but you don’t care because. . .it’s the coolest song ever,” Santiago declared.

Royal & The Serpent has risen to fame over the past four years for her dark, electro-pop bursts of music. Think Billie Eilish, or Harley Quinn rebranding as an EDM artist.

Santiago’s story explains her spot as an opener for Demi’s fall tour. Royal & The Serpent will join them for shows in Las Vegas and Denver, among others in early September and early October.