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5 Albums I Can't Live Without

5 Albums I Can’t Live Without: JB Dunckel of Air

Credit: V Sonnier

Name  JB Dunckel

Best known for  Air

Current city  Paris

Really want to be in  Africa…to be surrounded by wild nature.

Excited about  The release of my new album Carbon (June 24).

My current music collection has a lot of  Electronic music, movie soundtracks, all kinds of pop songs.

And a little bit of  Classical music and neo classical music.

Preferred format I like streaming because it’s fast and you can discover new artists with algorithms.

I like vinyl because of the material object, because of the smell.

Streaming files have no smell.

5 Albums I Can’t Live Without:


Vertigo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), 
Bernard Herrmann



Unbalanced arpeggios create a feeling of weight oscillation, vertigo.

A beautiful music of tension. Very well arranged. That is my source of inspiration. Listening to the master of music for cinema.

Siren, Roxy Music



It makes me excited about life. Incredible style of rock, sometimes experimental, sometimes super romantic.

Very elegant voice of Brian Ferry.

Illusion of Time, Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini



Sweet powerful keyboards part. Very cinematic analog music.

The Hurting
, Tears for Fears


It means my teenage moments. I was amazed by the sound of the analog keyboards that they used. So well composed. So well produced. Their two voices form just one.

Ad Astra (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), 
Max Richter



I didn’t know before I listened to this, that music simplicity with an orchestra could create such a deep feeling. This acoustic sound is so refreshing and trippy. I listen to that when I do yoga and I feel far away.