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5 Albums I Can't Live Without

5 Albums I Can’t Live Without: Wildchild of Lootpack

Credit: Daniel Iturriaga

Name  Jack “WildChild” Brown

Best known for  “Whenimondamic” by Lootpack and also entering a dance cypher without hesitancy.

Current city  Los Angeles, but Oxnard, CA native.

Really want to be in  Peace at war, peace of mind and archived in the new UHHM (Universal Hip Hop Museum).

Excited about  My new album Omowale (released in March) and my son and daughter’s growth as young adults.

My current music collection has a lot of Funk, soul and alternative.

And a little bit of  Classic, golden era and current hip hop.

Don’t judge me for  The Toyota Lootpack commercial from way back.

You wouldn’t expect me to listen to  Alternative and rock albums.

Preferred format  I prefer vinyl, but I don’t mind the easy access to online stream downloads so that I can have quicker access to add a song, to my DJ set or someone can send to me within seconds. I remember learning this from DJ Roc Raida before he passed (R.I.P.).


5 Albums I Can’t Live Without


Daily Operation, Gang Starr


This album was everything to myself, DJ Romes & Madlib as we drove to Soul Traintapings.

The Low End Theory, A Tribe Called Quest


This album took me on a journey like no other as I started my first year of college. It gave me a better appreciation of jazz, a sense of what emceeing should be, and made me step into parties and rock a crowd like a straight up Bboy MC!

Never Buy Texas From A Cowboy, Brides of Funkenstein


This album got me back into popping and collecting funk records. It even became a favorite of my son Miles for the same reasons, which even led to my son opening a show with them years later.

Paid in Full, Eric B. & Rakim


When my stereo needed aluminum foil on the antenna to work, the songs from this album would be on repeat. This would also be the first time, other than Slick Rick, where I heard the best vocal tone in hip hop from Rakim.

By All Means Necessary, Boogie Down Productions and


This album showed me how to tell a story, stay raw as far as the production and lyrics, but more importantly showed me guidance as far as speaking on stopping violence.

Honorable Mention
Soundpieces: Da Antidote!, Lootpack


This was our first introduction to the world and to this day, people young and older from all over the globe say how much this album impacted their lives or got them through good and bad times. Salute to DJ Romes and Madlib.