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Pusha T Releases New Single ‘Diet Coke’

Song was co-produced by Kanye West and 88 Keys
Pusha T
Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Variety

Pusha T‘s latest single, “Diet Coke” produced by Kanye West and 88 Keys is out now.

Yesterday morning, fans were given a snippet of the video featuring West on Steven Victor’s Instagram. Following his production of Pusha T’s last album Daytona way back in 2018, West will be producing the forthcoming album.

The single is one of many he has released since Daytona including “No Problem,” “Sociopath,” “Coming Home,” and “Puppets (Succession Remix).” He has also collaborated with artists including Sean Cane, Vince Staples, and others.

Steven Victor, Pusha T’s manager, said fans can expect the new album soon. He hinted that the release date will closely follow the release of Kanye West’s forthcoming album Donda 2, which is in the works now.

In conjunction with the new song, Pusha T announced his initiative to release people serving life sentences in prison due to “3 Strikes” drug laws through his Third Strike Home Campaign. He kicked off the campaign with a $25,000 personal donation. The campaign is in collaboration with lawyers MiAngel Cody and Brittany K. Barnett. Donations to the campaign can be made here.