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Spoon Cover ‘I Can’t Give Everything Away’ Ahead of David Bowie’s 75th Birthday

Bowie is Amazon's Music [Re]discover Campaign's Artist of the Month this January
(Credit: Oliver Halfin)

In early celebration of the late legend David Bowie‘s 75th birthday, Spoon unveiled a cover of “I Can’t Give Everything Away” off Bowie’s final record, Blackstar.



The new cover was released as part of Amazon Music’s month-long [RE]DISCOVER campaign, which throughout January Bowie is the Artist of the Month. Spotlighted with a curated playlist, this month’s campaign is further honoring Bowie’s birthday on Saturday, January 8. Spoon recorded the version live of the track in December 2021, and will appear on [RE]DUX 036: David Bowie, Amazon’s playlist series that presents legendary musician’s best works, influences, and inspirations.

“‘I Can’t Give Everything Away’ is a tune Alex and I have been playing since we learned it for an acoustic and piano show in Mexico City in 2016,” Britt Daniel said in a statement. “It’s just a fantastic song, and as the last song on Bowie’s final album it doesn’t disappoint.”

Spoon recently detailed their upcoming tenth studio record, Lucifer On the Sofa, set to release February 11. Accompanying the announcement, the band gave us a sneak-peek into the album by releasing its first, spur-banging single “The Hardest Cut.”

Bowie’s estate continued to keep his spirit alive in 2021, announcing the upcoming release of Toy, releasing the previously unheard “Karma Man” and “Silly Boy Blue” alternative mixes, and most recently selling Bowie’s entire catalog to Warner