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5 Albums I Can't Live Without

5 Albums I Can’t Live Without: The Weather Station

Name The Weather Station (Tamara Lindeman)

Best known for Thinking too much.

Current city Toronto.

Really want to be in I would love to be in the Azores about now, honestly. Migration season, all the flowers and birds, all the green.

Excited about Having a friend over, hugging people, being in the same room as another human without a mask on. That would be nice.

My current music collection has a lot of Gordon Lightfoot. A lot of dollar records are Lightfoot, and so you end up with a pretty hefty Lightfoot collection without even trying…

And a little bit of Everything.

Don’t judge me for I can’t think of any records I wouldn’t want to admit to owning. My love is my own!

Preferred format As a listener, I prefer streaming. I’m a headphones listener. To have access to nearly all of recorded music, anywhere I happen to be? This is incredible. Streaming as a business needs to be completely overhauled, because it is not working for musicians. But streaming as a technology is something that is really amazing for being a music fan, and that’s why we should overhaul the business side, because I believe this is a technology that we should value, and appreciate, and it should cost more money than it does, and pay musicians well, like physical used to do. The potential is there! Sorry for the rant. But I actually like and care about streaming as a listener, and feel like I can’t say that without being clear about how it needs to change.

I also love vinyl for sound quality and the simplicity of the physical form. But I can’t take a record on a walk around the city with me.



5 Albums I Can’t Live Without


Pink City
Jennifer Castle


Jennifer Castle Pink City


Just a perfect record. What can I say? It’s perfect. When JC put this out and I heard it, I was like: This is it. I couldn’t believe that someone I knew personally had made an album this iconic. There seems to be a force field around this album that shields non-Canadians from understanding it, but if you can get through that, honestly, it’s one of the most beautiful records of all time. Gorgeous, sad, deep, living. It’s perfect.


Creation Never Sleeps, Creation Never Dies: The Willie Dunn Anthology
Willie Dunn


Willie Dunn Anthology


I just bought this anthology, so I’d like to take it to my desert island so I can dig into it. Willie Dunn is iconic. I feel like his voice has been with me my whole life, and it’s so fucked that I actually never heard him until the Native North America compilation. I’m grateful for his voice, his lyrics, his vision. He was and is a genius of song.


Keep On Pushing
The Impressions

The Impressions


Just a thick slab of beauty, light, joy, and life force. I love this album. It’s perfect. And I think that if I was on a desert island, I would need this joy and warmth in my life. It’s the sound equivalent of a loving human touch. And Curtis Mayfield is a wonderful genius of song, just at the start of his journey on this one.

Eau De Bonjourno

5 Albums I Can’t Live Without: The Weather Station


Exploration, spirit, silence, thinking. I love this record and it’s so unusual. It’s so full of life force, but also so thoughtful and so experimental. It also has so much beauty and love and warmth on it. I think too if I was on a desert island it would remind me of home, it would remind me of my friends, and it would remind me of why I made music.


Front Row Seat to Earth
Weyes Blood


5 Albums I Can’t Live Without: The Weather Station


A perfect record. Beautiful, stunningly recorded, warm and sad at the same time. Natalie Mering is a genius of melody and her voice is incredible. I would be comforted to have this album near me on a desert island, and also, if I was on a desert island, I would probably need some music to cry to, and this album is that.