Listen to Death Valley Girls’ New Song ‘It’s All Really Kind of Amazing’

Death Valley Girls dropped their newest psychedelic single “It’s All Really Kind of Amazing.”



​​”Being in a body, experiencing reality as a human, is endlessly challenging,” singer Bonnie Bloomgarden said. “There’s so much darkness, suffering, sorrow, and division, it’s hard to get past. Sometimes, and often for too long, I just stay in the darkness, forgetting there’s anything else. And then sometimes, my guides remind me to look around, sometimes, just look around, at this Earth, at its infinite beauty and intricacy, and simplicity, and sometimes I can feel it, that it’s all really kind of amazing.”

Paying homage to bands like the Feminine Complex and Shocking Blue, the Death Valley Girls revel in the feelings and groove of ‘60s psychedelia. Matching adolescent, beautiful harmonies to those of Wendy of Bonnie, their music renders the freedom of the human experience: “You have everything / Everything that you need.”

The single is out digitally and for streaming on October 1 via Suicide Squeeze.

“We are streams of eternal consciousness experiencing reality through our personal lens,” Bloomgarden said. “And we have been programmed and have forgotten we are gods because of trauma, capitalism, and religion. So this song is a call to wake up! To remember you are magic! Abundance is the normal state… look for the signs from your guides and your higher self.”

Death Valley Girls will tour this fall with Trail of the Dead in several West Coast U.S. cities.


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