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New Tom Petty Video Features the Venus de Milo in Joshua Tree

In 1996, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers provided the soundtrack for the John Mahoney and Jennifer Anniston-starring rom-com, She’s the One. But in Saturday Night Fever-fashion, the film was instantly dwarfed by the songs — many of which came from the prolific period when Petty was recording his solo folk-rock masterpiece, Wildflowers, with producer Rick Rubin.

Petty intended to make Wildflowers a double album, but the label pushed back, sending many of those would-be wildflowers into the vault or onto his next project — She’s the One. “If part of the pitch was double albums are twice as expensive for the fans to buy, I could see Tom not wanting his music priced beyond his audience,” Rubin told Rolling Stone in 2020 when Wildflowers was finally re-released as a deluxe edition. “He always kept his concert tickets to reasonable prices compared to his peers. Knowing this history helps to make sense of Tom’s willingness to bend on a creative choice.”

Now, the Petty estate is re-imagining songs from the She’s the One soundtrack on a standalone album called Angel Dream. In lieu of the Wildflowers material, the album features some new songs such as the unreleased rocker, “105 Degrees,” J.J. Cale’s “Thirteen Days,” “One of Life’s Little Mysteries,” “French Disconnection,” and a new version of “Supernatural Radio.”

Below is the exquisitely animated video for Petty’s charming ballad “Angel Dream No. 2,” by director Gabriel Tick, producer Zanita Whittington, and animator Luke Maroldi.

Angel Dream tracklist:

1. Angel Dream (No. 2)
2. Grew Up Fast
3. Change The Locks
4. Zero From Outer Space
5. Asshole

6. One of Life’s Little Mysteries
7. Walls (No. 3)
8. Thirteen Days
9. 105 Degrees
10. Climb That Hill
11. Supernatural Radio (Extended Version)
12. French Disconnection