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Outkast to Release 25th Anniversary Expanded Version of ATLiens

Andre (L) and Big Boi of Hip Hop Group OutKast on MTV's new interactive hip?Hop/R&B show, 'Direct Effect' in MTV's Times Square Studio's in New York City. The show is part of MTV's Spankin' New Music Week 2000. November 13, 2000 (Photo: Scott Gries/ImageDirect)

Outkast’s ATLiens turns 25 this year and Andre 3000 and Big Boi have big plans to honor its silver anniversary.

The album will receive an expanded digital and vinyl editions, HD digital singles, limited edition anniversary merch and more.

The deluxe edition will feature the original album in its entirety, along with a full-length collection of 14 previously unreleased instrumental tracks. The newly-expanded edition of ATLiens will also be mixed in Hi-Res 24bit sound. ATLiens’ single bundles include the album’s singles– “Elevators (Me & You),” “ATLiens” and “Jazzy Belle.”

The Atlanta duo made strides into mainstream success with this project. Themes ranging from happenings in urban communities to extraterrestrial life are found throughout, placed between production by Organized Noize and Outkast. One could credit this album as being a keystone in propelling the sound of the “dirty south.”

ATLiens dropped two years prior to their classic follow-up album, Aquemini, which stamped their names in music history and further solidified not only Outkast, but Organized Noize. No longer were they just heavy staples in the Atlanta Hip-Hop scene, they became some of the most significant figures in music.

The 25th anniversary deluxe edition is set to release on Aug. 27, exactly 25 years since the album’s release.