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Danny Elfman Releases New Song and Video, ‘Love in the Time of COVID’

If you’re at the stage in your life where you’re realizing that Danny Elfman has scored all of your favorite movies and you’re starting to discover his other music, then we have some great news for you. No, Oingo Boingo isn’t reuniting, but Elfman himself just released the follow-up to last year’s “Happy.”

“Love in the Time of COVID” is Elfman’s take on the struggles and monotony of the current pandemic, and it comes with a surreal (but all too relatable) video that displays pretty much the exact level of weirdness one would expect from the famous composer.

“There’s certainly nothing light-hearted or funny about COVID, but I can still poke a little fun at the crazy way social isolation has changed our lives in every way shape and form, and that’s what ‘Love in the Time of COVID’ is about,” Elfman said in a statement. “An expression of the borderline madness that so many of us have been experiencing. I wrote it from the view point of a young man going crazy in his apartment. Creators Sven Gutjahr and Berit Gilma had the idea to turn the lead character into a green skinned animal-like creature. As many us feel completely alienated in this insane new world we live in, and I thought it was an interesting idea.”

Check out the video for yourself below.

Elfman was supposed to perform at Coachella last year, but you know, COVID happened.