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Mastodon, Darkest Hour, Kvelertak, Baroness Members Cover Ozzy Osbourne on Two Minutes to Late Night

Two Minutes to Late Night Ozzy Osbourne Cover

Quarantine cover series Two Minutes to Late Night pays homage to Halloween by covering Ozzy Osbourne‘s 1982 solo hit, “Over The Mountain.”

The ever-shifting metal consortium who performs the true-to-the-original cover is Mastodon’s Brann Dailor, Darkest Hour/Be Well’s Mike Schleibaum, Kvelertak’s Marvin Nygaard, Baroness‘ Seb Thomson, and host Gwarsenio Hall. The original of the tune featured late, great guitarist Randy Rhoads.

The band tosses in a moment of Black  Sabbath‘s titular “Black Sabbath” to up the spookiness in the tune, plus, for more Halloween-ness, there’s a background of a costume store, and Dailor, in further homage to the Prince of Darkness, bit the head of a plush bat.

Check out the tune below.

The show recently shared some killer covers of Rage Against the Machine and Rush (featuring members of Mastodon, Coheed and CambriaTool and Primus) — and also did an unexpected cover of Robyn’s “Ever Again” (featuring members of Spirit Adrift and Royal Thunder).

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