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The Mountain Goats Share Soulful New Track ‘Get Famous’

For some, fame isn’t everything. The Mountain Goats latest single, “Get Famous,” is a prime example as to why.

On the track that was released on Monday, lead singer John Darnielle sings of fame as something that maybe isn’t the ideal scenario. “Light up the sky like a comet/Make yourself want to vomit/Shine like a cursed star/Show everybody exactly who you are,” he sings over the horn-heavy soulful cut.

The indie veterans — which consists of Darnielle, Matt Douglas, Peter Hughes, and Jon Wurster — explore fame and plenty of other themes on their Oct. 23 release Getting Into Knives, which they recorded in just a week at the Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis, Tennessee.

“If I told you all how much fun we had making this one you wouldn’t even believe me, but we hope it comes through,” Darnielle said.

Getting Into Knives will be the group’s second release of the year when the frontman took things into his own hands in April with Songs for Pierre Chuvin. The new 13-track effort drops on Merge.

Check out “Get Famous” below: