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Norah Jones Plays Tracks From Pick Me Up Off the Floor on At-Home Tiny Desk

Norah Jones Playing NPR's At Home Tiny Desk series

Norah Jones is the latest artist to bring fans into her home for the NPR‘s at-home Tiny Desk concert.

Sitting in front of the piano in her home, a collection of guitars in the background is visible. She played songs from her latest LP, Pick Me Off the Floor, which released in June via Blue Note Records. It was meant to initially drop in April but was moved due to the pandemic. Jones kicked off her set with “How I Weep.”

“I’m happy to be doing this finally,” she said after singing ”How I Weep.” “And I was supposed to be touring this summer, but instead I’ve been doing a lot of webcasts from home kind of like this.”

She continued her set with “Heartbroken, Day After,” “I’m Alive” (co-written with Jeff Tweedy) and “To Live.”

“I guess there’s a bit of a theme going on the album,” she said before playing “To Live,” a song that ties in with how many may be feeling about spending most of their days at home in 2020.

“To live in this moment/And finally be free/Is what I was after/No chains holding me,” she sings on the final song. “If love is the answer/In front of my face/And I’ll live in this moment/And find my true place.”

Watch Norah Jones’ performance on NPR‘s at-home Tiny Desk concert below.