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HAIM Discuss Coping With ‘Quar,’ Perform ‘Don’t Wanna’ on Late Late Show

Haim on James Corden

Only hours after they dropped the latest offering from their upcoming album, Women in Music Pt. III, HAIM debuted  “Don’t Wanna” on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday night (May 21).

Set up at their homes, they did a somewhat stripped down version of “Don’t Wanna.” As the song progresses, you can tell that this will be a good live song — whenever that may be. And no at-home Haim performance would be complete without their light show at the end.

While Danielle, Este and Alana have been sharing great dance videos on social media, the three have been quarantining in their own homes. So when Corden asked the band who has been having the most difficult time with social distancing, Alana and Danielle quickly pointed to Este, who openly admitted that she’s “really bad at being alone.”

Considering that she “spends every waking hour with her sisters” — either touring or working on Women in Music Pt. III, “quar” (as she calls it) has been a big adjustment. But don’t worry, Este took a note from 2000’s Cast Away and has made “Ballana,” which she doubles as her workout ball, and “Dunkielle.” That way, she’s no longer “talking to herself.”

Meanwhile, Danielle explained that she’s been getting closer to her dog and has even defended her fur child from a pesky squirrel. “We have these big windows,” she said, “and there’s this one squirrel that just waits for my dog. My dog will flip out. The other day, I saw the squirrel, and I ran outside and was like, ‘You get… Get out of here you squirrel! Get out!”

As for Alana, she just can’t wait to get back in front of audiences and revealed that the new album was meant to be performed live.

“I miss it so much,” she said. “I mean, funny enough when we were making this record, we honestly envisioned it being played live. This is our live, most live-sounding album. We’re gonna play this album so much. We’ll be on tour for years, and now we can’t do that. But when it’s safe, we will do that.”

Watch HAIM’s performance of “Don’t Wanna” below.

Haim’s Women in Music Pt. III drops on June 26 via Columbia Records.